Wasabi the Pekingese named Westminster's 'Best in Show'


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There's no such thing as an ugly dog.

That said, those so-called 'breed characteristics' need to be changed to prevent breeders selecting for ever-flatter noses, ever-curlier tails, ever-longer bodies, ever-slopier backs, that lead to all kinds of health problems. Dogs should be bred for health, not looks.

Poor little Wasabi looks for alll the world like a floor mop.....

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And I am a dog person.

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A fellow dog-owner agrees @cleo 5:25pm. It’s shameful about ‘show-dog breeders’ creating these problems with their selective breeding practices, just to try to produce a future ‘winner’. (Plus, too many sad rumors about those pups in a litter that ‘don’t make the cut’.)

Poor ‘winner’ Wasabi looks like cross between a ST:TOS ‘Tribble’ and a ‘dust mop’.

It’s the big white Komondorok in the accompanying photos that look like a old-fashioned kitchen ‘floor mop’.

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Dog? I thought it was a tribble.

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Cleo, snowymountainhell, totally agree with you, what is done by such breeders is criminal, or at least should be!

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@fba--Even worse, the movie Free Willi used a whale named Keiko.

I can see why the breed is in the headline. I thought a larval-stage Gremlin was gorging itself on the winner for a split second.

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Is everything in focus except the dog? Or, does it just not have any distinct features, except for its coat?

- “Breeds are assessed not just in terms of how they move, but whether their facial expressions show what is deemed proper vigilance or merriment.” -

So then, how did this dog win?

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1st - Wasabi

2nd - Bourbon

Someone in the judge panel is hungry

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Jesus, that is an ugly dog.

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Wasabi the Pekinese... the Japanese are going to have a problem with that!

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Is that a dog? I would have thought some hairy oversized caterpillar. These "pure breeds" are getting so ridiculous; pure creatures to be bred to such absurd characteristics.

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Dogs should be bred for health, not looks.

Yes ! Look at a Scotch Collie, a tough hearty dog originally bred to herd livestock and then look at a Rough Collie, what happens when dog show types and their breeders get busy breeding for appearance. Long hair, long thin nose, etc.

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Looks like a canine Cousin Itt.

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The doggie in the third photo looks like a Westie. I'll confess a bit of a fondness for them as a good friend has one and it's a neat dog. I wish they had shown a photo of Stryker the Samoyed. Our other two dogs are a male Husky and older female Husky/Malamute mix. She's the queen, the grand dame of our pack! We love the northern dogs as they have such a gentle nature about them.

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Wasabi the Pekinese... the Japanese are going to have a problem with that!

Maybe you are the only one with the problem..

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