Wesley Snipes ordered to surrender in tax case


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Everybody is supposed to pay their taxes. Wesley thought he was above it all. The same as a lot of people. I hope they are sent to prison. I have no mercy for this crap. < :-)

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Master Daddy.... sounds good in prison.

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yeah, who does he think he is - Charley Rangel?

seriously, I've heard this was more the fault of his accountants, which mind you was put into law by Rangel that even if its your accountant's fault, it falls on you....

No one, until Rangel is in jail, should go to jail for tax problems.....

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You should not be getting taxed on personal (work) income anyway. A system based on fraud right from the very start -paid to a fraudulent Puerto Rico corporation (IRS -not part of the US Gov) , but now it seems incorporates in most states.

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Actually, it's not a crime to "not pay your taxes". It's a crime to "not file your income tax return".

He's going to jail for "three misdemeanor counts of willful failure to file his income tax returns", not for failure to pay taxes once he filed. That would have been ok.

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Master Daddy, yeah, I am sure it will be great to film this movie from behind bars, you will have all of these bored real life prisoners who will be happy to work for peanuts or even FREE, so this may help snipes get out of prison earlier, you know like some kind of community work-service type of agreement.

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You can bet Mr. Snipes' "prison" will be more a resort than a jail. Instead of "3 meals and a cot", it will be "Mr. Snipes, would you like champagne during your pedicure?" and "Your tee off time is 9 am."

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