West Antarctic ice sheet collapse unstoppable, says NASA


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Mother Earth has an inbuilt mechanism for dispatching our non environmentally friendly behavior, it is connected with our ice caps and it's called rising sea levels. Many signs of it's previous enactment are strewn around the earth in the form of submerged civilizations. The ostriches who wish to deny man's hand in climate change wont see the signs as their heads are buried too deeply in the sand.

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Those submerged civilizations were submerged long before human impact. It suggests a trend of warming long before fossil fuel usage and mass cattle farming.

Loving the outdoors I prefer to proceed with caution into the future weather or not "Global Warming" is fact or fiction.

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MarkG We know not why they are submerged, but we do know they are under the water. We know that now, like it or not, we are making an impact on our environment. By the time we reach the stage of knowing, we are also supposed to have the sense to cease and or correct any detrimental behavior we are engaged in. I will add that the level of architecture and engineering involved suggests that if those societies were not conscious of their environment, they could have a negative impact on it .

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Kiss Venice, Italy good bye! Kiss many parts of Holland good bye and already many small island nations in the South Pacific are sinking, and fast! Wait until TOKYO and NEW YORK etc..are trying to fight the sea back!

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Think positively. Perhaps in another 40,000 ~ 50,000 years Antarctica will be once again inhabitable. That is, of course, unless the return to Ice Age accelerates.

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Consider that the Sahara desert is believed to be the result of slash and burn agriculture.

Such man-made desertification has also led to the extinction of very useful plants, such as silphium, which was only found in Cyrene, now in modern day Libya.

There are now more people on the planet than ever before in recorded history. Its crazy to think so many people cannot negatively impact the planet as we live so very far from natural ways to sustain our numbers.

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A much better-balanced article posited that any accelerated melting may have been caused by stronger winds pushing more, warmer water under the ice. Interestingly, the data has not shown rising temps in Antarctica and researchers theorize the warming of waters are believed but not proven to have been partially a result of the ozone "hole" and also stated it was more likely a part of the natural cyclic variation.

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