West edges closer to confrontation with Iran


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looking at previous two wars (afghan-iraq) people are really concerned over the situation but mentally prepared for the worst :(

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i guess i better start preparing for the draft

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I guess the rogue US empire is really determined to get that oil no matter how many people have to die.

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manta60 - Har!

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Usually, there is only one tiger in a mountain; but in the 21th. century at least there are two DICTATOR AMIGOS with millions followers who are ready to go to heaven as they were told. However, I guess they all will end up in a terrible place, "hell" perhaps. These folks do not know how to speak the language of peace and love, just only "conviction"!

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If this crisis goes on then the war is innevitable. Iran, Syria and communist China will be one side. And all the world will fight aganist them. What a pity which man chooses to die for such greed. But prepare us to face it. After that we will see a new World.. with no big war but a group of humble hearted people. Peace will begin from there... An end to communists and end to Religious evil doers...

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Where do You get the crazy notion that China would try to get involved in such a war? They would stand aside, wait for the others to incur the costs, the losses, the bad reputations - and earn like crazy when it comes to rebuilding the demolished countries and obtain their oil. The Chinese are capitalists, not idots - they leave idiocy to others, making money in the meantime.

I just hope that the conservative government in Germany is not stupid enough to get us drawn into such a war, if it should really happen. It is bad enough that the global economy will suffer a serious blow from an escalation of the conflict. And I don't see how the larger western economies - American and European - could afford a war given the state of the economies.

Israel should learn to risk with the theoretical risk that nuclear weapons could be pointed towards them. Other countries - including Germany, Japan and Taiwan - have prospered for a long time despite being targeted by nukes (without having the capabilities for a nuclear retaliation). Still, I would prefer if Iran would abstain from going nuclear.

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good to know japan is 'very concerned' ?!?

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If a war does break out in the gulf between the US and Iran l think it will be a very different outcome to Iraq and Afghanistan. I think the US will be on the losing side and it will leave China in an even more dominant position as the worlds one and only superpower. Scary thought.

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Israel should come out and say they have 100 war heads and all aimed at Iran.

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How deep is the chasm, into which some, are prepared to jump and how many will be reluctantly pushed?

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Hundreds of my liberal freinds on Facebook are packing their bags to fly to Teheran. Human Shields. Yes, you read it correctly. They selflessly occupied Zucotti Park - Wall Street and next they will travel to Teheran to oppose western agression against Iran.

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Is it possible to have a position on this proposal from Japan or will Japan wait and then send engineers?

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You'd have to be a very thick-skinned and hard idealist to exist in Teheran, Jeremiah. Not a sunny place for liberal flowers to grow.

Your liberal facebook friends advocate war then, by rejecting the capitalist alliance and joining the socialist alliance?

Only China and Russia standing peacefully on the sidelines? Who would 'a thunk it?

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Let the liberal nut jobs go to iran , and they will run just like they did before the bombs started falling on iraq way back when.

Some people have nothing better to do.

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Anybody remember Hans Blix? Inspectors were on the ground in Iraq... The US wasn't hearing what it wanted to hear so Blix and his team split... War followed shortly! When inspectors leave Iran... watch out!!! USA... stay out of it! If Israel wants to bomb Iran... let them have it... it's their neighborhood and their problem...

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Depends on how the neighbors are going to deal with it. I don't think even if the US stepped aside (we'll probably be giving Isreal more weapons and such for some monetary compensation) that Iran's surrounding neighbors will be tolerating it either and will be boosting their own espionage missions into Iran.

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