West, Russia lock horns on Ukraine at U.N. crisis talks


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President Putin, prove your statesmanship, use Russia's energy resources to negotiate a settlement, you can prevent a civil war and secure Russian speakers protection. EU especially the German government needs to hang it's sorry head in shame.

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President Putin: prove you aren't a petulant child and pull your troops off the Ukrainian border, remove your scarcely-disguised agents posing as "militia" from Ukrainian soil, and cease this folly of neo-empire building.

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I wonder how you will try to stop Russia. I'm really curious.

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The Russian foreign ministry accused Ukraine’s leaders of “waging war against their own people”

Isn't that just what Assad is doing in Syria, wholeheartedly supported by Russia?

Isn't it strange that Russia supports Assad in his fight against "terrorists", but rejects outright the idea that the Ukrainian government might use force to regain control of the east from Russian agitators?

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" “This is the saddest kind of instability. It is completely man made. It was written and choreographed in and by EUS,” Power would correctly have told the 15-member council."

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I just can't get it. People who wanted their freedom from Russia on the Maidan were called freedom fighters. People who want their freedom from the West in Dontesk are called terrorists. Something is off here!

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Yes, something is off. You are blind fools, you don't see same tactics every year, in different countries. DIVIDE AND CONQUER. Project your own crimes at your enemy! Use your authority to put legal government down, fund mercenaries to play as rebels and shoot civilians! Dammit, why are you SO THICK? Unbelievable!

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The wests leaders don't seem to get that many, very possibly the large majority, of the residents of eastern Ukraine view themselves as Russian, and so are opposed to the current(illegitimate) leaders in/from Kiev. King George doesn't like that his would-be subjects are revolting against his redcoated puppets, including little Lord Fauntleroy.

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This is pretty funny.

Apparently three different Russian news outlets interviewed the same guy in a hospital. For one interview, he was attending a protest and pro-Ukrainian radicals fired at him with weapons from the US and Europe. In the next interview he's a German spy, and in the last interview he is a doctor saving children when pro-Ukrainian thugs fired into his tent.

< >

Such is news in Russia.... ;)

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