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Western Australia sets 90% vaccination target for reopening


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They'll just shift the goalposts once they get there, like NSW is doing.

Vaxxed or not, trusting these charlatan pollies is not the wisest move.

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Good for them.

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It also has the nation's lowest vaccination rates, in part because the state has had few infections and life has been relatively normal throughout the pandemic.

....and yet they want to follow the NSW and NZ example and go police state to force the experimental vaccines. Australia is such a disappointment.

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If they want to play hardball, don’t give them any international cricket, or Big Bash games this summer.

You can’t have your cake & eat it too WA

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I would be more reassured if it was 110%

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Wish I lived in WA.

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"Wait Awhile" (W.A.) has been in common use since at least the mid 70's to my personal knowledge.... and if anyone thinks the place is slow now.....

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I would be more reassured if it was 110%

When it is you’ll find the “problems” are not solved. There will be more excuses for controls and “boosters” etc. The majority of the public, and you, will accept it.

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Australia is such a disappointment.

Perhaps for anti vaxxers but for ordinary people it is a joyous land that we all love dearly. A fine example to the world in these troubled times.

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The difference in easing border controls at 90% rather than 80% is 200 West Australian lives are saved

If going by the numbers like that, do we weigh up whether or not one person in their 20s who loses hope and tops themselves because of such restrictions is worth less than 200 old codgers with a couple of years of poor quality life left at best?

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My comment was sarcastic.

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No idea why they want to push the vaccine when covid essentially doesn't exist there. For some reason their hospitals are filling up now as for other things, quite possibly because of a backlog from the ludicrously unnecessary lockdowns

Spoken like someone who truly has no idea of the Australian situation. There are no lockdowns in WA. Public hospital backlogs have been an issue Australia-wide even before the pandemic.

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No idea why they want to push the vaccine when covid essentially doesn't exist there.

Just because it doesn't exist there at the moment, as soon as they end border controls it will. How can you be so shortsighted?

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So logically, if they never open the borders, they can save even more Australian lives, keeping Covid, flu and some nasty STDs out. If they banned private cars, they could save many more. Lots of RTAs just wouldn't happen.

Incidentally, the living-with-Covid metrics are about to change radically with the arrival of the new Covid pills. They will take the heat off medical services.

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ArtistAtLargeNov. 5  02:47 pm JST

Good for them.

It's time to get on the ball. This is serious business and nobody has the right to endanger or be a nuisance to others. No more messing around.

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