Western multinationals congratulate Hong Kong's new leader


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Great job Hong Kong!

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John Lee shows to the world he has no SHAME.

Participating in a one candidate election? Shame!

Your average 1st grader could explain 'democracy' better than John Lee.

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he "Big Four" accountancy firms -- KPMG, Deloitte, EY and PwC -- were among western multinationals placing adverts, as were city carrier Cathay Pacific and conglomerates Swire and Jardine Matheson.

British origin Swire and Jardine Matheson have been profiting from Hong Kong for a long long time. It's pretty rare when leaders of multinationals show allegiance to their home country, instead their loyalty is to their own bank accounts. Many corporate leaders open their hands to take money from their countries of origin while paying armies of accountants. lawyers and fixers, like those working for the 'big' Four to find ways to not have to pay taxes to their country of origin. People blame China for lots of reasons, but the multinationals are worthy of blame, as are their shareholders. Look at how many multinationals were backing Putin to get resources from Russia, taking money away from the Russian people but benefitting Putin and his oligarchs. China is similar, even a former US president had businesses operating in China while he was playing golf back in his country of origin., Who knows whether he paid any taxes in the US on any of his global ventures, but his loyalty has always been and remains to his investments, he cares two nothing's for his country of origin.

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Brown nosing comes to mind.

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64 dude what are you doing? Time to retire not start a twilight career. Are you such a poor money manager you need the work? Not really the job for someone with a personal financial history that at 64 needs to work?

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European Union's foreign policy chief Josep Borrell countered that the selection process was a "violation of democratic principles and political pluralism".

whereas Europe is lillywhite? people do love to point the finger....

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I already started buying yuan. Hong Kong with thrive and with the reunification of Taiwan, that is where future investment lies.

stability and strength.

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The total-repression which the CCP represents will squeeze the life-blood out of Hong Kong, a place which thrived financially due to it's liberal and dynamic approach to business. The brain-drain is already underway, the last vestiges of democracy and free-speech eliminated, and with the new Bad-Cop on the block in charge of 'security' sent to do the Pooh-Bear's bidding, this can only spell disaster for the HK people.

Shame really, but time to get the hell out.

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I already started buying yuan

that should compliment the roubles you have already in your portfolio

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@RodneyToday  06:04 pm JST

I already started buying yuan. Hong Kong with thrive and with the reunification of Taiwan, that is where future investment lies.

stability and strength.

and your going to live where in 5-15 yrs?

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I already started buying yuan.

A poor investment.

Hong Kong with thrive

Hong Kong is already dying a slow death of strangulation and companies moving to brighter freer locations outside Chinese control.

and with the reunification af Taiwan,

Taiwan will never choose to reunite with the mainland as long as the CCP rules. Fantasy to think otherwise.

that is where future investment lies.

China will never be the powerhouse Jinping wants. Too many have seen the growing ugly side of China and are planing to secure their supply chains by spreading out suppliers rather than concentrate on China or Russia. China's time came and went with the blink of an eye.

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