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'Gaslighting' Merriam-Webster's word of 2022


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When I was a University student, “gaslighting” had a totally different meaning. It involved a box of matches and a certain wind gust from behind.

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No surprise it's one of the most highly "searched" word.

It's been an ongoing assault on a much larger scale through MSM, the medical profession, pharmaceutical companies, politicians, and government...

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No, its not. you thought it was, but you were wrong. Don't you see? what you thought was wrong. OK?

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for this to be the most searched word, people still dont understand it when they use it.

I tell someone a fact they say "stop gaslighting me!"

It somehow, despite definition, became "dont tell me something that is true but that I dont want to hear"

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Not a word I have ever used once in my life

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This list proves that most people who use these words have no idea what they mean. Conservatives must spend a lot of time looking up words.

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Only used by Americans and not the other 1 billion people who speak English.

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Not a word I have ever used once in my life.

My Grandma used to have gaslighting in her living room, candles in the bedroom. It was a very old house, and no one could convince her that 'lectric was way safer.

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Conservatives must spend a lot of time looking up words.

Socialists have to resort to gaslighting because they have nothing of value to offer, just misery. Gaslighting is their way of trying to say "Hey, look over there!"

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They need to look up the word socialist first because most wouldn't know a socialist even if they stole their ill-fitting cargo pants.

-1 ( +1 / -2 )

Attempts to insult, humiliate, or verbally browbeat another in order to lessen their resolve or confidence in their own thoughts, is what gaslighting is...

It is used as a tool of censorship; to attempt to control critical and/or independent thought, not by using logic or reason, but by mental bullying.

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