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What recession? Shoppers eat up Black Friday deals


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I'm seeing nothing but signs of an improving economy.

Thank you, President Obama.

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No such thing as recession in USA. Good news for all jobs and shoppers make the jobs.

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Bigger crowds at bargain sales means things are getting better? You could just a easily take that as a sign that things are getting worse.

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yabits at 07:56 AM JST - 27th November. I'm seeing nothing but signs of an improving economy.

Well, I don't see it that way. Bank of America stocks at $11+ per share, down 35 percent from $17.50 just a year ago and this is a major indicator of the direction of the bank problem. B of A owns approximately 25 percent of all residental real estate loans and there is no signs of housing loan problem ending. Bank already sees 6 to 12 months ahead and what banks are doing to to raise credit card rates to generate revenue. Today, majority of the loans are very difficult difficult to qualify and this will continue. Many other state unemployment is still close to 10 to 12 percent. Job market have to comeback before any confidence is built. At the same time, all of the major cities have budget problem. This will be the norm for next 2 to 3 years or more.

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My wife experienced Black Friday for the first and last time today. Totally freaked her out seeing people park on the side of the road for the full parking lots at 4 a.m. 2 hour check-out lines for the goodies for the kiddies.

I'm glad I had to work.


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I've never understood why people camp out for this.. I usually go to small shops to get Christmas presents and get the big stuff later on.

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I second the motion to thank President Obama. There are many people still struggling, but things could have been much, much worse. And they could still get worse if the Republicans don't cooperate.

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Still, nearly 15 million Americans are unemployed, and concerns about job security cloud consumer confidence. Spending may be picking up but has not returned to pre-recession levels.

Stimulus PHASE II, here it comes.

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Like most people with an XY, I do my shopping as late as possible on the 24th Dec.....

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Thanks to Obama, things are getting WORSE and not better.

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