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What shoe? Chinese media silent on shoe toss


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Really? They should have used to to try and show how superior the aim of the Chinese is or something.

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This is a peculiar immaturity among Chinese leaders. How much it permeates Chinese society, I cannot say. But it is downright sad how they run from criticism like little girls from a scary dog. Its one of the few things anyone should copy our ex-president Bush on. "So some guy threw his shoe at me. So what?" That is the way to be.

Here I was impressed how quietly they handled it at the actual speech. Oh well.

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There's no shoe throwing in China; they aren't allowed to give a toss.

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Silence won't suppress infection

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knowing Chinese censored controlled society, the people of China would have been very very angry at Britian for one of its citizens looking down on ome of their beloved and worshiped Chinese leaders., so maybe it is better for it to be silenced just as everything else is and why the people of China are so brain washed in believing the communist rule is the only rule they deserve. If they can not understand the shit that is kept from them as being wrong, then they deserve the rule by the iron fist and let them have it and stay under such control.

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Was not that big of a story anywhere. The first I heard about it is this JT story talking about the Chinese not reporting it, but no one else is getting too excited by it either.

"Man bites dog" is a story. "Another man bites dog" is starting to get old.

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The shoe missed its target, and one of Wen’s aides quietly stepped on stage, picked up the shoe and took it away.

Ya gotta feel sorry for whichever Chinese shoe maker it is who will get the knock on the door at mid nite.

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The shoe throwing is not news, it is just this seasons fashion. As buddha4brains says "Man bites dog" is a story. "Another man bites dog" is starting to get old.”

The real story is the silent Chinese media, especially the inter-net censorship. I’m sure we all remember being told how the Olympics would change the way China handled news & censorship. Well unlike most people I don’t pretend for a moment that I dislike telling people “I told you so”.

So, I told you so.

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Censorship? An excellent diplomacy on the part of China, British-bashing avoided. Learn how to do business from China.

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It looks as though certain posters here spoke way too soon, and the article above is woefully out of date.

And I quote: "Chinese state television on Tuesday aired in full footage of a man hurling his shoes at China's premier during a trip to Britain"


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perfect example of what happens when media and government are one in the same or made up of mostly sympathizers.

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The Chinese leadership is becoming more and more frightened of the people as jobs disappear and the results of corruption (e.g. school building collapses during earthquakes) are being found out. History shows that corruption causes most Chinese governments to fall. They are desperate to keep this from happening but the corruption might be out of the control of the central government.

It is sure becoming a mess and repression is not a solution for long.

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the vids have even been pulled off youtube. i wouldn't even be surprised all reference to it on google will be eliminated. its like it never happened. scary to think content can be controlled so easily.

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Your report is full of lies! Please see the report of cctv yesterday(3th,feb),we not only broadcasted the whole video of the scandal,but also give the picture of the peacebreaker. In the case of contents mentioning it on Internet forums and blogs,you can link my blog:blog.sina.com.cn/fansidnig,then you will get the information about the affair issued by me.

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fansiding at 02:44 PM JST - 4th February

If freedom of speech really is as you make it out to be in China, are you free to tell us all which military or government department you work for?

The issue is not the shoe thrower, the issue is the truth & how that “truth” is seen on the other side of the smoke & mirrors world of Chinese censorship?

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trafton.. still no response to your question to fansiding.

What BS propaganda mouth piece.

All knows what China is about. hahaha billions on internet filtering. all goverment news agencies, and self cesoring so not to be put in jail or labor camps..

So free, hahaha

The people of China needs a Martin Luther King. Just think how many of them has already had disapeared.

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