White House forces reporters to ditch social distancing


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Maybe it does "look better" through the eyes of a madman.

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Trump said in a very recent interview that social distancing still needs to be done as we open the economy.

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If you don't like the seating layout, don't go there.

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the headline should be

"White House farces reporters to ditch social distancing"

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If you don't like the seating layout, don't go there.

If you had accreditation, would you be happy to be sent to an event where your life could needlessly be put in danger?

I'm not talking about reporting from a place of conflict, rather a normally safe space that is now in jeopardy because of the whims of an unhinged administration.

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If seated on the outside, I would have moved my seat off to the edge a couple of meters from the others. If the WH staff were to try and force me back or kick me out, then I'd have had my story right there.

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The above photo of Trump's White House a true snapshot of who's included in the Trump admin. Trump's swamp is growing as he continues to further divide the nation. While still getting lots of help from 'abroad' from a nation whose largest demographic is similar in make up to the American one favoring Trump.

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When the stupids rule, stupid rules follow!!!

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The White House abandoned social distancing for reporters attending President Donald Trump's Rose Garden event Friday because “it looks better,” according to the aide who ordered it.

Seats for reporters at recent White House events had been placed 6 feet apart to protect against the spread of the coronavirus. But shortly before Friday's event, Trump aides moved the seats closer together so reporters were sitting shoulder-to-shoulder.

Never wears a mask, touts a drug not recommended by his own FDA, suggests injecting disinfectant will cure the virus, now spurning safety measures his own administration is urging people to comply with....

Our Amazing Dimwit President - trying to kill as many Americans as he can - something he no doubt views as "winning"...

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