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White House blocks tougher FDA guidelines on vaccine approval


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For the big players, the rush to approve a vaccine is about everything BUT the health and lives of the people who will get it. The little people better be wary.

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White House was intent on getting a safe vaccine to market and wanted to make sure .“additional loopholes” weren't added that would slow down the process.

More irony from the criminality infecting the WH!

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Trump's blatantly transparent motive for overriding all safety measures for bringing vaccines to market only reinforces his self-serving agenda and messaging like when he tells us not to be afraid of Covid. OK! But it has become patently obvious that an unhinged Trump dead with Covid is much less a threat to the security of the USA and to the health and welfare of the American people than alive as president with his alarming socio/psychopathology. And that's a fact the majority can now agree on with Mary Trump who has called her unstable uncle "the world's most dangerous man".

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Now is time for scientists, including pharma, to stand united against stupid politics.

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If Trump wants to ensure that a vaccine is available prior to the election, make 100% sure that his children and family are the very first one's to get it!

If he is so sure that there is no problem, he should lead by example!

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Well, as a Trump supporter, I'm all for getting these vaccines out before all required testing...who's it going to hurt?

I've been taking HCQ since our great President recommended it - and feel great. My heart rate is now above 200, and it even started some hair re-growth - on the bottom of my feet...

And I've also been injecting Clorox - boy, do I feel clean. And the only side effect i have is paralysis in all four limbs...and a little blindness...

Too bad I can't get out to vote - and I'm not voting by mail - my President said that just fraud...

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Busby - Well, as a Trump supporter, I'm all for....

No, you are not a Trump supporter. You are only someone who has a credibility issue.

Preach fellow Trump brother - us Trump supporters can always be counted on to have a credibility issue - heck, we just take after our Great President, right?

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The drug companies already said they wouldn’t apply for FDA consideration until they were absolutely sure it was both safe and effective.

They won’t have that proof in a month

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The Trump administration and science do not belong in the same sentence.

I thought Trump learned about coronavirus after going to school. Not the type where you read books. Whatever that means.

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Why would president Trump r anyone not want to wait a measly 2 months to have the vaccine certified with the appearance of credibility? I suspect alterior motives because there is so much that is unknown about the virus not to mention the vaccine. Maybe Trump just doesn't want to worry us. Is it ever okay for us to worry like adults?

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Why would president Trump r anyone not want to wait a measly 2 months to have the vaccine certified with the appearance of credibility?

because he somehow thinks that if the vaccine it available before the election he can get 150 immunised so they can vote in person within a week and that the vaccine is safe and passed FDA approval.

LOL the guy is more deluded than 1st thought

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