White House threatens FDA chief's job over vaccine approval


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President Donald Trump has been pressing for quick approval for the vaccine and tweeted directly at Hahn earlier Friday, complaining that FDA “is still a big, old, slow turtle.” Trump has publicly bashed the pace of the FDA's vaccine review process.

Sat on his hands for months while tens of thousands died. Called it a hoax. Now, only because he wants to take credit for it, he wants quick action. Over seventy million votes for this guy but luckily eighty million didn't.

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“Stop playing games and start saving lives.” tweets Trump...wait a is a game...not wearing a mask...Anyone notice the disconnect here?

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The current dangerous embarrassment occupying the White House continues his dictatorial approach to “governing”.

This nation has been under an undeclared state of emergency since the 8th of November of 2016, another date that will live in infamy.

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One more example that even in this "lame duck" period, our imbecile President and his band of merry morons can inflict real damage on our country...

Move the inauguration up to 20 Dec....send this would-be dictator back to Mar-A-Lago where he can wait for his indictments for tax fraud...

And maybe save the lives of thousands more Americans...

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The heads of Trump's Qanon factions must be exploding. Their Trump, who's been sent by higher powers to save them from alien lizards bearing chip-laden vaccines, is now pushing for an accelerated approval of the vaccine.

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Next WH threatens Corona Virus. I'm sure a virus will listen!!

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Seditious abuse of the judicial process. Shame too on any one who stayed silent. SCOTUS has delivered. There is NO standing. So, sit down and shut up!

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How's about Trump submitting his resignation instead?

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“It creates a veneer of political meddling,” Jha said. “Every time you see the president get involved, you see vaccine confidence drop by 10%.”

This, precisely this. This negative effect is so obvious and easy to predict that I have heard people thinking this is the main purpose of the meddling, being unable to directly do criticize the vaccine as he has done before, Trump now undermines it by using his power to reduce confidence in the approval process.

I am not convinced of that explanation, for me it is still Hanlon's razor.

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