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White House says Obama will not walk away from Afghanistan


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it will more of a "sashay"...

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I'm about ready to walk away from Afghanistan. We went there to punish the country that allowed Ossama bin Laden to put together the attack on the World Trade Center. We did that. We punished them. george bush attacked Afghanistan and we punished them.

From that point on, that's where it gets blurry.

We've bombed, killed and punished Afghanistan, we even helped them rebuilt their country, but we're looking at spending more time, money and lives now.

Afghanistan never had much of a military and police service. If we're expecting them to get a force together equivalent in ratio to what Iraq has done, we can forget that. Afghanistan won't get together anything like that. Dirty elections. Well, I won't go there.

When do we say enough is enough? < :-)

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reading Afghanistan's conflict through out its history as far as the history has on record, it would be a truth miracle if the american can bring real peace and true stable state to the people over there.

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This is good development. The worst decision the US could make was to cut and run from the region. Moreover, with a new commander in Afghanistan who actually has a background in CRW, there exists the opportunity to take the battle to the Taliban and the AQ scum. Now, if the US could kick some heads among the civilian administration in Afghanistan, then the country might end up going forward.

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I thought Obama was smarter. Rather than wage a futile war, he'd be smarter to draw back the troops and build a diplomatic net around Afghanistan. Let Afghanistan be its own box-trap (since it cannot be bridled; no one has ever controlled that area concretely). Make it a mountainous trap for the would-be terrorists and foster proper relations with its border countries instead. Better than repeating history!

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Stupid. Doesn't Afgan have its own army?

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"I'm about ready to walk away from Afghanistan"

Good thing you're not in charge.

"Doesn't Afghan(istan ) have its own army?"

It's still under construction.

Of course Obama's not going to abandon Afghanistan and let it fall to the Taliban. He doesn't want failure on his watch.

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Sarge, it's people like you that perpetuate the "endless war" syndrome the USA is caught in. Get Out of Af-Pak NOW! Stop the drone-bombing of civilians and become a humane nation again.

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Papawhale, it's people like me who realize that the world is governed by the agressive use of force.

"Get out of Af-Pak NOW!"

What! And let these extremists turn it back into a training camp to attack us again?

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Obama should replace Gates with the r-i-n-o and pacifist Chuck Hagel , and then let him advocate a pullout.Then they can blame the repubs. LOL That would be too funny LOL !!!!

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I think dithering is the better word. There aren't enough troops to take on the Taliban. Time to fish or cut bait. Either get enough troops over there or get out.

Of course the swift action on Gitmo is probably a sample of the response we'll get.

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No matter what decision he makes, at the end of the day he is gonna blame Bush for it.

He knows no other way.

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At this point Obama's main option looks like having George Bush become the spokesperson for Obama's policies in Afghanistan.

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Obama also invited a bipartisan group of congressional leaders to the White House on Tuesday to confer about the war.

One worthless civilian that has no idea how to lead military operations asking a bunch of other worthless civilians who have no idea how to lead military operations to give advice on how to lead military operations. The only advice Obama needs to listen to is from the commanders on the ground and not the sleazeballs in suits who infest the capitol.

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...at the end of the day he is gonna blame Bush for it.

Seriously, we all know it's really the mainstream media's fault. Oh, and Bill Clinton. Yeah, him too.


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