White House still planning holiday parties, despite warnings


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Because of course they will.

More fun will be seeing who doesn’t show to COVID Don’s super-spreader event because he isn’t worth the risk anymore.

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As the weather has cooled, the virus has been spreading out of control, with cases and hospitalizations surging across the nation and more than 250,000 people dead.

The country continues to suffer while Trump plays golf. As many others have said, Trump is the new Nero.

And his supporters (US and 'foreign') cheer him on as the country continues to sink even lower.

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When a moron is president, expect stupidity from the WH.

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Aaaaasnd MI certified the vote.

At this point, even Sean Hannity May tell Melanie “no thanks.”

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The Trumps going out with a super spreader bang.

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He has refused to concede, lodging baseless allegations of voter fraud in an attempt to subvert the results.

I love the way AP slip this in at the end.

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Michigan just nailed Trump, Presidency shut

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"Rules for thee but not for me"

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Trump's last, few pathetic actions after soiling the White House for four years...

Turn it into a bio-hazard zone so it takes months for the EPA to clean it up...

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Happy Thanksgiving! Much to be thankful for this week, the good news just keeps coming.

trump continues to take a stuffing. No pardon for that turkey.

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The President who continues to refuse to set an example for the country. What a piece of work.

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What if they give a party and nobody comes? Just Trump looking longingly at a bunch of cold “hamberglers.”

Trump is a nobody, a nothing. he’s Captain irrelevant. I love it.

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