Whitney Houston buried in New Jersey


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Life is so black and white when it comes to journalism. I guess it wouldn't be so sensational if were all grey.

Whitney Houston given a funeral for a princess. Bobby Brown who lives on, has been angled out as the villain. She was a beautiful singer. No doubt about that. What I do doubt is people claiming that Bobby Brown destroyed her life. Whitney Houston was a full grown adult capable of making her own decisions.

2 years ago Whitney Houston started her World Tour in South Korea and then came to Saitama Super Arena. It was one of the worst tours ever with negative publicity and reviews at every venue. Some leaving, demanding refunds. Some described her concert as more of an educational experience on the dangers of drugs and how they can affect your life. Others hoped that the human spirit could overcome drug addiction. If so, Whitney Houston would have given hope to all those who fall into the pitfalls of modern society.

Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse and now Whitney. Whether it's prescribed on or illegal, drugs kill.

Bobby Brown is no saint. He clearly admits that. However he was there, treated horribly, but didn't make a scene, came and paid his respects. It's a funeral, you know. That's as good as it gets. Yeah, he performed later that night. That doesn't mean he wasn't hurt. That's his work ethic. They would love him here in Japan. WOW, Bobby went to a funeral then came back to work the SAME DAY?!? Come live in Japan Bobby, they'll hire you right away.

Anyway, cut Bobby some slack. R.I.P Whitney!!

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Whitney Houston is a pop icon! Her legacy will live on in her great music! Such a shame after all the years of illegal drug use Rx drugs was her immediate cause of death (the irony). There is no doubt that the years of illegal drugs were a contributing factor but still...

RIP Whitney Houston

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