WHO disappointed at Chinese delays letting experts in


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You rub with the CCP, eventually, the CCP will rub you out, when, not if. The WHO has lost all credibility, this just reinforces it.

Look at Australian businesses punished by China, they were China's mouthpiece in Australia, yet first to be punished.

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The head of the World Health Organization said Tuesday that he is “disappointed” Chinese officials haven't finalized the permissions to allow a team of experts into China to examine the origins of COVID-19.

And the World is disappointed that Tedros/WHO kissed Xibutt in January 2020 and refused to sound the alarm on the pandemic. By the time they "declared" it was a Pandemic, every country and their collective mothers were aware that this was a pandemic. He needs to be replaced.

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WHO disappointed at Chinese delays letting experts in

This is surprising news given that the WHO was actively parroting the CCP’s lies while the virus spreading out from China.

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IMHO, the Biden administration's first priority should be initiating a WHO MKII so good untainted, unpoliticized WHO staff has a bridge to jump accross.

The current WHO has proven to be rotten, and alongside China responsible for the state of mayhem the world finds itself in.

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China is not even allowing and just keep on testing patience of entire world. 

Chinese communist party is the reason why entire world is suffering. 

Yet they want to look like they are victims. China worries that the reality of the origin of the corona virus will come out, which is why their authorities do not clear up the investigation team's arrivals.

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China is stalling because they have a lot to hide.

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I agree with presto 345. They are afraid because they are hiding something.

Non-cooperation is the name of the game.

the WHO can speak for the CCP, but not against them.

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“I’m very disappointed with this news, given that two members had already begun their journeys and others were not able to travel at the last minute, but had been in contact with senior Chinese officials” 

Considering Beijing cannot be trusted, why was Tedros so disappointed?

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Non-cooperation is the name of the game

Also deflection. They maintain the disease came to China from elsewhere.

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Considering Beijing cannot be trusted, why was Tedros so disappointed?

It's called diplomacy. People holding positions in big international organizations like WHO have to couch their language just as diplomats usually must. He can't call them effing liars in a public statement, even as he mumbles exactly that under his breath as he walks away from the podium.

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