WHO chief: Lack of help for Tigray crisis due to skin color


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This was not the first time the WHO chief has spoken out about Tigray.

I give this chief credit for speaking out in this issue. The WHO has been an historically inept agency, and has a bad track record of trying to handle the Covid crisis (wrong advice on masks etc.).

But Tedros' recent overriding the WHO committee on the monkeypox outbreak was a great show of leadership. Just wish the agency was overruled on many other matters too.

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Tedros is in many senses correct, the international community arbitrarily consider some tragedies much more seriously even if other countries have much heavier humanitarian crisis. Humanity is like this, so there is nothing to be surprised, but at the same time it should be recognized and actions must be done.

The declarations are of course personal, but they also are part of what the WHO as a global medical authority should be acting upon. The mission of the organization is to preserve and promote health at a global scale and taking actions (even if not terribly effective) to stop humanitarian crisis is a heavy part of it.

This is what the WHO should be doing, no matter who is the chief, and what makes its activities extremely valuable around the globe, personal and baseless opinions about it being inept, mistaken (because of lack of a time machine) are not worth even being considered. It is fortunate that at least for now the organization has a well oiled machinery where comittees and directors work together efficiently and without contradictions (making a decision when one was not yet taken is obviously not what overruling means).

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Skin color ?

Sleep walking into a nuclear war ?

Tedros is getting tiresome !

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