WHO sounds alarm over rising COVID deaths in Europe


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"Vaccine skepticism and science denial is holding us back from stabilizing this crisis. It serves no purpose, and is good for no one."

Egocentrics are the cancer of society. Today with this crisis, we are feeling their worst impact on us. The good thing is more people are aware and it's good that services refuses to serve those that do not wear masks. Ultimately, they will be so much isolated that they'll have to adapt, or leave the country to live alone on their island.

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"Vaccine skepticism and science denial is holding us back from stabilizing this crisis. It serves no purpose, and is good for no one."

Vaccine skepticism and science denial serves the interests of authoritarian states sowing discord in democracies around the globe. While those authoritarian states expand their empires of authoritarian states sowing discord in democracies.

*Vaccine skepticism and science denial also serve the interests of right wing movements trying to undermine their nation's democracies and further splinter the nations they live in, for example see Governor Overreach DeSantis and the QGOP in the USA.*

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"Vaccine skepticism and science denial is holding us back from stabilizing this crisis. It serves no purpose, and is good for no one."

In the meantime, back in little old New Zealand…

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You should compare the percentage of the population vaccinated in European countries to how many cases and deaths they have, very interesting relationship

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In the meantime, back in little old New Zealand…

Thanks Haaa Nemui, I had a look at that, very funny. NZ leading the way...

"They let us down big time," one person said of the event organisers.

"I blame the abysmal lack of communication amongst us truthers for why that event was a no show," said another.

I'd blame the abysmal lack of "truther" brain cells.

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My goodness. Why are there always so many downvotes for the commentors here who are for safety and vaccinations and following science and trying to help their fellow man stay alive?

The people who refused to follow simple and basic contagious disease safety are the cause of how we got here. I wonder why they think they are immune? I wonder why those who support them, also think they are immune?

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I'm surprised the WHO hasn't singled out Florida....

Florida on Monday reported 31,164 more COVID-19 cases and 902 deaths to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, according to Miami Herald calculations of CDC data.

*All but eight of the newly reported deaths occurred after Aug. 2, with 70% of those people dying in the last two weeks, **according to Herald calculations of data published by the CDC. The majority of deaths happened during Florida’s latest surge in COVID-19 cases, fueled by the delta variant.*

In all, Florida has recorded at least 3,231,846 confirmed COVID cases statewide and 44,553 deaths.

Yes Indeed, Florida is lucky to have a Gov like DeSantis - doing his best to increase that 3.2 million infected and 44K deaths by fighting mask mandates...

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In the U.S., meanwhile, a woman has won a court order for a hospital in Ohio to treat her husband, who is on a ventilator with COVID-19, with the antiparasitic medicine ivermectin, as demand surges for the unproven coronavirus treatment.

If the guy is already on a ventilator, just giving him ivermectin won't do much. But if he had received it very early on, he would probably be doing well.

The case is one of several nationwide where courts have sided with litigants seeking to use the drug, despite scant evidence of its effectiveness against COVID and a rise in calls to poison centers as a result of misuse, including ingesting livestock-strength formulations.

The evidence is not scant. Several studies have shown it to be very effective.

Billions of people have already been treated very safely with ivermectin. The only problem is when authorities forbid its distribution, people must rely on versions meant for horses and cattle. If you use ivermectin meant for humans, it is extremely safe and cheap.

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Raw beer:

Ivermectin for humans is meant to treat head lice, etc. But you carry on.

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"WHO sounds alarm over rising COVID deaths in Europe"

screams the headline of article that mainly speaks about the rest of the world

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“Infections are ticking up globally again - especially among the unvaccinated.” And yet when the unvaccinated get sick, they clog up the hospitals and intensive care units. Don’t be selfish, get vaccinated.

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Couldn't afford a picture of a European patient being treated. Rather a picture of a clearly distraught Sri Lankan kid being tested or treated?

Yes, the correlation between vaccination rates and rising infection and death rates is indeed worrying and not entirely consistent with the messaging coming out of various health bodies.

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Sri Lanka is faintly European up in the hill stations though…

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But some parents resisted the return to in-person learning, just weeks after Indonesia overtook India and Brazil as the pandemic's global epicenter.

Health authorities from both India and Brazil have said that they think the reported numbers in their respective countries are merely the tip of the iceberg as both countries lack the infrastructure and manpower to properly access the poorer and more rural regions of the 2 nations. I've heard them say that the infection and deaths may be as much as 10x higher than reported. If that is in fact accurate, then this Delta strain is much more deadly than we are aware of.

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The WHO and UNICEF urged European countries to make teachers a priority group for vaccinations so schools can stay open.

Aha, good luck with that. Many medical staff still refuse vaccination. And now they expect all educators to go under the needle. ??

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For me, the picture at the very top tells what’s really going on versus the words in the article.

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The World Health warned Monday that 236,000 more people could die from COVID in Europe by December, sounding the alarm over rising infections and stagnating vaccine rates across the continent.

Could, would, should...... As the vaccines are not sterilizing, those two are unrelated. And the headline about "rising deaths" is mislleading, as this is just speculation by the CCP controlled WHO.

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Well, he'd certainly get rid of his intestinal worms before dying of COVID...

About 90 trials and several metastudies. How many did you read?

And fyi, IVM has never been suggested as a late-stage treatment. If anyone sets up a study like that, the purpose for it is to fail.

How soon the pro-Trump folks gave up on their Clorox....

I find it rather amazing how soon all the Trump haters turned into enthusiastic lovers over the Trump vaccine. Remember operation warpspeed? The current mRNA vaccines are Trumps baby.

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I have no problem with any drug that works.

It's just really weird that Americans have turned "support" of some drugs into left vs. right. The idea that support for drugs should be based on a political affiliation instead of efficacy is so... American.

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