Widespread disbelief over N Korea's tiny COVID death rate


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If is completely true, then that is good news for the NK people, but they can’t leave, and nobody can visit them. The news can’t be refuted or admired firsthand. We will never know for sure, so.... whatever.

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If Dear Leader asked for Zero COVID, I wouldn't want to be the person telling him there was any COVID. Bad news ends in death there ... but that wouldn't be directly caused by COVID in the NK counts, even though it is directly related to COVID.

Or perhaps starvation is good to fight COVID?

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Its simple isn’t it?

The Omicron variant or its close variant is what is in North Korea.

It is just not that big a problem.

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NotSo HungOverMay 27  09:01 pm JST

Time will tell, if one day no one is heard from in NK, then we will know the real situation...

Millions around the world been sick but survived. The death ratio is not a high percentage anywhere. nonetheless, I don't NK is telling the whole truth either. After all, the pudgy little tin god has to maintain an image of control in his modern day fiefdom.

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Only thing you can believe is you starve to death eventually

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Multiply that 69 figure by 1000, and you’ll probably be closer to the truth.

We can’t believe anything coming from NK.

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If they do not have any testing capability then they don't officially have any Covid cases, just lots of "fever" cases.

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Well they do have very low obesity rates.

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