WikiLeaks founder Assange runs for Australian Senate seat


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With any luck, he will get the seat, and diplomatic immunity with it.

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Assange's senate opponents must be wondering whether Wikileaks is going to release anything just before the election. But that would seem desperate if his campaign tried to use Wikileaks to win an election.

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This is just his way of staying in the headlines.

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So if he gets elected, he can claim diplomatic immunity for the rape charges, and he can continue using his position to extract more information legally?

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Hahahaha............. He's gonna leak government and other Congressmen's office classified documents who disagree with him................ because he's gonna be the source!

Except he's not gonna leak his own office's classified documents, of course. No, no, no, he's a very private man, even as a public official. (Ya realize, as a public official, he has to open up his financials data, including Wikileaks, which he will never do.)

In an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald, the Australian citizen said he would be a “fierce defender of free media.”

Except when the free media is going after him, hahaha.

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