Wisconsin GOP lawmaker calls for election cheating in video


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And that’s today's GOP…

Republican official in Ohio faces charge for voting twice in November election

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Not surprising. First it was the election was stolen, then it was the attempted takeover of the U.S. government, then it was/is voter suppression and now it's learning how to cheat videos.

The Republicans are leaving no stone unturned when it comes to dirty tricks.

It's the only way they can win because they don't have any ideas. Like Biden said, "What are they for?!"

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Yesterday Mitch showed his true colors by declaring African-Americans aren’t Americans. 

One can easily imagine the campaign ad showing the Republican Senators all clapping at the defeat of the voting rights act overlaid with an image of Mr. McConnell saying what he said. Mr. McConnell now complains he is being vilified for forgetting to add a word in his comments, he now says he meant to say "all Americans" but if you ask me the omission was telling, a classic parapraxis. He let his mask slide off a bit and revealed the ugliness underneath.

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he disparages Republican Assembly Speaker Robin Vos as a “swamp creature” and supports debunked conspiracy theories about the 2020 election.

If you blindly follow a serial cheater and liar, you become a cheater and liar!!!

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A Republican Wisconsin state lawmaker was recorded on video saying that Republicans need to “cheat like the Democrats” to win elections and that he’d like to punch Democratic Gov Tony Evers over pandemic restrictions.

On come on guys....we all know what happened here....

This poor Repub was just misunderstood - the vile MSM took his words, transcribed directly from the video, and misconstrued them....

And as for the call to violence, we all know there was an FBI informant behind the camera coaching and urging him along to say these words...

Reality people....

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The defense of this idiot will be:

—so what?

—what about the left?

—witch hunt by the left and the MSM

—distraction from the fact Biden is unpopular

—anyway, Dems are gonna lose this year and then they can’t do nothing and the Republicans will get their revenge

I think that’s how this thread will go

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Blatantly calling for cheating and violence. Sounds like he’d be better off in pro wrestling.

The GOP should drop him like a hot potato.

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Oh so now liberals are in support of hidden videos.

Are you sure this wasnt "taken out of context" or "deceptively edited"?

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African-Americans aren’t Americans

how can you be an African-American and not be an American?

Its literally in the name, African-American (and also is yesterday's article which is done).

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Oh so now liberals are in support of hidden videos.

Preach brother! Libs hate those hidden videos and tapes, especially the ones that capture Presidents condoning break-ins at the Watergate or pressuring election officials to change certified results...

Are you sure this wasnt "taken out of context" or "deceptively edited"?

Exactly. The cameraman was likely an FBI informant or possibly Hunter Biden in disguise...

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go back and look at your Project Veritas comments. you dont like hidden videos.

They are out of context and deceptive and unfair to those who are recorded.

Well at least until they capture something you like to hear about and want to believe.

But Truuuuuump.

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Oh so now liberals are in support of hidden videos.

I can’t speak for liberals because grouping people together under one idea is foolish, but I do support public officials being held responsible for their comments and beliefs.

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Basically the Dems changed the voting process (without legal authority to do so) and people accepted that because of COVID. It sounded reasonable enough, but in the end result it looked like cheating. In Georgia, ballot harvesting is illegal. Yet it was done, under guise of COVID.

So ok, it was a dangerous time, some concessions needed to be made. But when we got the results, it sure looks like those COVID concessions were misused. Didnt expect to find one person dropping off 1,000 ballots as an example.

Now "voting rights laws" are needed to take those same still illegal things and make them legal- so that next time its not seen as cheating. Because there is no COVID to explain why its still being done, despite being illegal.

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in the end result it looked like cheating

Two things:

If the Dems cheated, why didn’t they cheat better and get themselves a stronger majority in both houses? Was Trump the only target? Sounds like a pretty half-baked conspiracy to me.

Second, I don’t see how helping more people to vote is cheating. The GOP is against more people voting because those who are less likely to vote are more likely to vote Democratic. There has been no evidence of any systematic or widespread cheating in 2020. The GOP’s arguments are completely disingenuous.

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If the voting rights law is not passed, the election will be illegitimate, he says.

So that means the last election (which was also held without voting rights laws) was illegitimate too.

No. A large number of Republican led states are vigorously changing voting rules that were in effect for the 2020 election and those changes are carefully designed to disenfranchise minority and especially African American voters. An example is the widespread elimination of Sunday voting, which was especially popular among African American church goers. Another egregious change is the recent decision by Lincoln County Georgia, a smaller mostly rural county, to eliminate six of the counties seven polling places, leaving only one left in the county seat of Lincolnton. States have eliminated the state offices necessary for citizens to obtain the IDs they need to have to register to vote in heavily African American areas, or reduced their hours of operation to one or two days a week during working hours when it is hard for the working poor to get time off work. So no, the next election will not be conducted under the rules in effect for 2020 and earlier elections and the failure of the voting rights act in the Senate means the next election may very well be manipulated in ways designed to deliberately disenfranchise African American and Hispanic communities.

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Let's not let our one MAGA-fan take this one off-topic again....

This article is about two things;

1) A Repub state lawmaker said the Repub Party "has to cheat" to win elections...

2) He then said he'd like to "punch" a Democratic lawmaker over pandemic restrictions....

It reaffirms that Repubs no longer support free and fair elections, as seen from the many REPUB instances of voting fraud...

And that violence is now a core tactic of the Repub Party, which is obvious from seeing the videos of Jan 6th...and the violent rhetoric that preceded it....

Just ask Repub Rep Louie Gohmert; "You got to go to the streets and be violent"...

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changing voting rules that were in effect for the 2020 election

exactly, voting "rules", that had exception to the laws because COVID.

You say its ok for 1 person to drop more than 1 ballot into a box at 2am because it "helps people vote".

I say thats illegal according to the law.

You say its ok for health care workers to fill out ballots for elderly people because "it helps people vote"

I say thats illegal according to the law.

SO what Repub states did is take all the things like this that were allowed by rule (not LAW) to happen just for 2020. They revisited the law to make it perfectly clear that absent any COVID, these things and many more that happened are actually still illegal.

If these things that were never legal in the first place are done again, it will be a crime. This is what Biden doesnt want. He wants the laws to match the 2020 COVID rules, not the actual law.

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I can’t speak for liberals because grouping people together under one idea is foolish,

Apply that same accurate logic to conservatives.

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He came to put certain people back in their place

The Democrats? Well....

his flock adored him for it

those people didn’t cooperate

Flock? And the Dems are starting to lose their loyalist constituents

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