With a month until split, Brexit trade deal hangs in balance


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I cannot envisage any form of future agreement or trade deal, other than the very barest summary of protocols.

The incoming Finance Bill could/will snuff out any reason to continue the negotiation.  

To recap, the Internal Market Bill was focused on trade from Northern Ireland to Great Britain.

Protocols clearly state exports of goods from Northern Ireland to Great Britain or vise-versa (England, Scotland and Wales) must complete export declaration paperwork.

Johnson Government Internal Market Bill would allow parliament the means to circumvent parts of EU customs rules/law.

Also, rules and procedures that require UK to follow EU rules on state aid, especially the financial rules that afford governments the power to offer in the area of businesses support for goods related to Northern Ireland. would allow parliament the power and right of interpretation in direct contradiction to case law of the European Court of Justice.

Now the Finance Bill, due to be due in days, is extraordinary, could be prove far more contentious.

The finance protocol requires the joint committee to determine which goods exporting from Great Britain to Northern Ireland are at risk of entry to a EU member state (Ireland) so should be subject to tariffs/ imports taxes.

The incoming Finance Bill will legislate the ability for parliament to make unilateral decisions on which goods are at risk.

Such legislation is unprecedented, a direct violation of the signed withdrawal treaty.

It is ruthless. Johnson is basically stating, you agree or his government will in essence repeal the entire treaty.

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Bojo is going to find a hard border going up soon between the two Irelands and a US administration led by a proud Irish Catholic that refuses to negotiate a trade deal with the UK if the Good Friday Accords are violated, as they surely will be if a hard border goes up.

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It is politically inconceivable for an external/hard boarder, Any suggestion that boarder posts from Newry, reaching across some 499 kilometers, dividing Sligo and Donegal from the northern counties is ludicrously preposterous.

Neither the Irish Republic or UK Government would ever countenance such a proposal. The EU commission could/would attempt to impose such a boarder but would be rebuffed by both Governments.

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