With friends like these: Taiwan's battle for allies and identity


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Between a rock and a hard place:

Beijing has said it would take military action if Taiwan ever formally split and the US would also be unlikely to support such a provocative move.

A unilateral declaration of independence as per UN people's right of self determination ' or however it reads.

Would never get up in the Security Council. And it would never get up domestically in Taiwan.

From there the Realpolitik kicks in.

Even so, a polity on a island with its own administrative, judicial, legeslative and executive systems and processes, defence forces, financial and banking system, currency, economic and social infrastructure, diplomatic apparatus, and increasingly culture , and niche economic specialities - perhaps the present milieu is as good as it is going to get

Unlike, say Hong Kong partially and Tibet, Taiwan could one day be the only part of greater China able to get away with it. But not today!

Separately, surprised Nicaragua is on the list of states recognizing Taiwan as 'China'

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Taiwan should rewrite/amend it's constitution as the Republic of Taiwan and immediately sign defense treaties with the entire free world.

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Taiwan should join China as an independent satilite, same as Hong Kong. China will get USA military equiptment and Taiwan will get access to 1.2billion market. And mass tourism.

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@Goodlucktoyou. Hong Kong got screwed over royally and Beijing destroyed any true democratic elections (and broke a lot of agreements with the UK). The CCP had to silence and blackout any free media in Hong Kong about the protests against installing a "vote" for only CCP controlled candidates.

Taiwan is not that stupid to surrender the ROC government to the CCP's authoritarian government after seeing that. Your propaganda will not fly. Even though I don't like Trump, he at least gave some slight diplomatic support to Taiwan's government as it is a democracy.

Taiwan is part of China, but it does not belong to the rule of the CCP.

As I said, if China under the CCP was so great, Taiwan would have signed up a long time ago, and Hong Kong wouldn't of had protests to advocate for a true democratic government.

We call what the CCP does, "Two faced" as in they always say one thing, but do another. No country with a head on it's shoulder trusts Beijing.

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The problem with the “one country, two systems” practice is that China puts so much emphasis on the "one country" half that they forget about the "two systems" half

By concept, there's supposed to be two systems, but they're instead making it Beijing and Beijing-lite in practice

Taiwan is becoming more and more wise to that what's actually in practice

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