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With hacking case, U.S. hopes fade that China can play by 'rules'


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Communist China only know how to play by China rules. They say one thing and acting other way for their shameless and selfish benefits. The communist party of China is like a big legitimate mafia gang with nuclear weapon on hands. Their network of business across the globe can be traced back to their military structure and government control. The world is dealing with bunch of deceptive peoples with one hand shaking with you; while another is ready to stab you if needed. Obviously, how do China catch up with the West of all these years? by using bait and switch tactics, stealing, copying, and all means disregarding any rules; as long as to China's benefit (= Chine rule).

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Communist China only know how to play by China rules.

Communist China does not exist, as China does not even remotely follow the tenets of Communism. China is an oligarchy, not a communist state.

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Snowden and NSA count for nothing I suppose? Good for China. U.S. made the rules, where anything is permissible to them and nothing to anyone else. Well, good luck getting strong nations to play by them.

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