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With Turkey's presidential election going to a runoff, what comes next?


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I really hope the opposition can pull together a few more votes and send this Sultan packing.

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The Turkish stock exchange, Borsa Istanbul BIST 100 index, dropped 6.2% at Monday’s opening before recovering some ground.

Says all you need to know about the future of Turkey if it continues orienting towards the autocracy cabal.

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Hopefully the opposition can organize and get out the vote and get this heal out of Turkey's misery.

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Why are articles still published with the incorrect spelling of Turkiye?

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As much as I personally dislike Erdogan and his politics, I think we should be respectful of the choice of Turkish citizens in an election with record participation which is 85,6%.

It's not over yet.

One reason Erdogan is still in power is the failure of the West. The prospect of becoming part of the European Union was a big motivator.

Well they should have known that going Islamist was not going to get them closer to the EU.

The US was also something people fancied. Back then people have regarded western values highly as well. Nowadays people are just not looking up to the West anymore. They have just lost their interest due to bad experiences from travelling & living abroad,

What bad experience would those be?

double standards in international relations,

Kinda like saying there should be no security at another country's expense before launching an invasion?

the hypocrisy of Western values etc.

What hypocrisy would that be?

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TaiwanIsNotChinaMay 16  06:57 am JST

I really hope the opposition can pull together a few more votes and send this Sultan packing.

I hope so too. And I hope that jerk will at least be man enough to take his losing lumps and try anything stupid.

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