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Woman arrested over Australia strawberry needle scare


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Berry good news. If it was her, she deserves a massive fine for all the wasted strawberries and a decent prison sentence. What an embarrassing conversation with other inmates:

'What are you in for?'


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It's very good they think they have the culprit.

Good work by the Queensland police.

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I would give her the bill for all of the wasted fruit, from the farmers, stores and households, then give her the bill for ALL of the medical treatment that has been administered to unlucky people that have been affected by her actions, then give her the bill for all of the police time involved, this should run in to tens of thousands of dollars, I know some people will say what happens if she has not got any money, well she can break rocks until that dept is paid off. and then fine her.

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I wondered if this story would ever come to a positive conclusion, and I'm sure happy it has.

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From what I understand this woman, if guilty, must be just one of at least several perpetrators. I've read that this type of crime has been occurring in several locations all over Australia. So unfortunately there is more work for the police to do.

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Australia is notorious for giving light sentences to female convicts. Hopefully, they’ll make an exception here.

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What was her point?

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Cant believe I'm first reading about this here. I live in Melbourne. :D Anyway glad they arrested the culprit. What a waste of delicious, nutrious food. I can go back to eating berries !

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