Woman changes name to a URL to protest dissections


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She needs to cut it out.

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My name is My twin brother is named

Visit our respective websites for great recipes on preparing fetal pigs and cadavers. The recipes range from the informal (Po Boy Sandwich) to the elegant (Dead Kennedies Wellington).

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...This girl could pick far worthier battles

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I am quite sure that if she became suddenly ill and wanted medical care that could actually treat her, she would have not problems with the procedure, even though her doctors probably dissected many an animal and cadaver.

It is fine to protest the cruelty to animals, but I think with so much suffering in the world with some of the "human animals" (poverty,disease,etc) she would make the most of her efforts by actually doing something that matters. Not something that does not cause her to give up anything. Tell me, how many of you out there in JT land have actually had to dissect anything since your school days?

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sdmsec: Brilliant, thanks for the laugh. Another idealistic youth thinking she'll make a difference. Let's check back with her in 5-10 years when she has kids and a husband and see if she's still "Cutout"

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Alphaape -

From the article it appears that she isn't objecting to all dissections, but to the needless repeated dissections of animals in schools that serve no useful purpose other than help determine grades.

It is fine to protest the cruelty to animals

Yes it is. That's what she's doing. No need for any buts. If people weren't inured to causing suffering by being taught in school that it's perfectly OK to cut things up just because it's in the school calendar and everybody does it, maybe those same people might think twice before, for example, 'disciplining' their kids with the back of their hand, or worse; or voting for politicians whose policies involve dropping bombs or otherwise causing serious suffering; or happily buying clothes made in sweatshops because they're a few pennies cheaper than ethical clothes.

how many of you out there in JT land have actually had to dissect anything since your school days?

I've never dissected anything either in school or since, and I don't see that that omission has blighted my life in any way. There is no need for schoolchildren to cut up dead bodies; those aspiring to be doctors are the only ones I can think of that need to do that, and they get to use real human cadavers. I would not like to be operated on by a doctor who has done all his practising on frogs and rats.

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I don't agree with most of what P.E.T.A. says or does, but she seems commited to a cause. My applause. < :-)

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Wow, by my personal definition this individual is guilty of stupidity on two counts, one for the peta affiliation and the other for this silly name.

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