Woman jailed in Dubai after reporting rape hopes to warn others


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Need more proof how bass-ackwards Islamic governed countries are? Law says the woman has to have the perp confess (yeah... right) or 4 male witnesses (who are most likely a group of the perps) to admit what happened. How's that for chauvinistic pigs?

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Dubai and the other oil-rich emirates are truly awful places run by disgusting, immoral men who have no concept of human-rights. I've heard of countless abuses of male and female visitors and expats there. Avoid these places at all costs!

I just hope the poor, innocent Norwegian woman will somehow recover.

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Medieval culture sugar-coated with modern vestments. Like lipstick on a sow, doesn't change the nature of the beast(the culture).

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Definitely on my list of countries that I never plan to visit as long as they have this ridiculous system in place.

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And yet the so-called "advanced" nations in the west are quite happy to prop up these vile regimes in exchange for their oil. Hard to decide who's worse....

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According to her interview on the BBC, she and her male coleague was drunk. She wanted to return to her room. He told her to go to his, 'because that would give them both less chance of oversleeping'. She agreed, passed out, woke up, and realized she had been raped.

Irrespecitve of the ridiculous conditions that would be required for her to escape a conviction (a confession or 4 male witnesses), her conviction for drinking and extra marital sex isn't hard to comprehend in a country where her going into his room would have likely been considerd 'consent' by most of its populace.

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Its a warning for women...........that Dubai whom we thought as a civilized city is still living in an ancient rule. So better pull out investment from Dubai unless they do something...

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An officer asked if she was making the rape report because she had not enjoyed sex.

Absurd and a warning for both men and women visiting the country.

Yes, there are bars, but you are not supposed to drink the alcohol they serve.

Yes, there are police, but don't report a sex crime or get thrown in jail for not enjoying it.

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Nothing wrong with Dubai IF you behave yourself and that includes not getting drunk in public, do it at home. I doubt if many of the posters here have ever been there let alone lived there. I lived there as far back as the seventies and have been back many times since. Life can be very nice in UAE, Qatar, Oman and Bahrain if you obey the rules, written and unwritten.

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Stop going to Dubai if you have any problems whatsoever with the way their judicial system works. News like this one has been very common the past 5-6 years.

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0/10 would not vacation there.

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This is another warning. Stay out of the Middle East if you are female or drink alcohol. These people think women are chattel. Any appearance of tolerance for western ways is merely a thin veneer to keep money flowing into Dubai and other countries. We see how quickly that veneer is peeled off when a woman reports a sexual crime.

Just stay away. Let them drink their oil. :)

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In Muslim countries, if you are woman, you are guilty until proven guilty. In Western countries, as per the tone of most posts here, if you are a man you are guilty until proven guilty.

Here we have a clear, honest to goodness, he said/she said situation, and look where the both sides jump instantly. Don't jump. This is unresolvable. If you do jump, you are just as bad as the other.

Think I am fooling with you? Well look at the article. Do you see HIS side of the story? No, you do not. You take the press's word, but while they declare the woman's story as truth, the only time they have for the man is declare him guilty. They don't even bother to tell you if he got a similar sentence. Why would they? They know you will assume he got off scot free, so that you will decry those "nasty woman hating Muslims" right on cue.

They also act like all she did was report a rape. No. She was breaking the law on alcohol. She got drunk and got herself in a situation and then goes and annoys the police with report that anyone with any brains knows is unresolvable. I don't approve of the police reaction, simply because of the doubt about the rape. But, so many of you would throw the man in jail in the same vein! Why not just flip a coin from now on? Somebody says rape, and one of them goes to jail at random. How bout that?

Look, someone is a liar and we don't know who. If she is lying she should go to jail. If he is, he should. For some reason, they surely decided she was. But I don't know why exactly and I don't expect the western press to tell us. They never do. They play this song over and over, and most of you are quick to dance.

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She was breaking the law on alcohol.

How's that, Scott? The hotel served alcohol. Were they also breaking the law?

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My understanding is that you need a special license to drink alcohol.

Don't take this to mean I support such silliness, because I don't. But if you go around breaking the law, you better be able to fend for yourself because if you go running to the cops they will arrest you.

Yes I think Dubai is full of silliness. But in my view, pretty much everywhere is but nobody wants to admit their country is just as silly as all the others. Yet they are if you drop your defensiveness for a second and look around with unbiased eyes.

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Dubai, and most other Muslim majority countries, are no places for Western women to live. Time for a boycott, methinks.

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She has been pardoned and allowed to leave the update.

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here is what i don't understand... if it's illegal to consume alcohol, why the hell do they serve them????! it's like selling chewing gum in singapore..

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My understanding is that you need a special license to drink alcohol.

I believe that understanding is shared by everyone that read this article.

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I believe that understanding is shared by everyone that read this article.

Do you want a gold start for most smart azz comment of the week?

Apparently megosaa and Nessie did not read it. Plus I don't always remember each detail written here as I do seek out a "second opinion" elsewhere.

if it's illegal to consume alcohol, why the hell do they serve them????

You need a license to drink. Apparently the bars are under no obligation to check for the license. Dumb as needing the license is, at least they are not holding bars responsible for other's refusal to obey the law. If Dubai should take note from the West about handling rape cases, I think that on the holding others accountable score, the West should take note from Dubai.

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