Women lawmakers face sexism, violence on job: report


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France is unbelievably backwards in this regard. They're usually ten years behind the UK for most things (usually due to ridiculous counter-productive ideas of protectionism) but they're still on a par with Britain for sexual harassment in 2016 where the UK was in the 80's.

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NOOOO!!! Say it isn't so! The Old Boy's Club that is Japanese politics treating female lawmakers like trash? I refuse to believe it! (rolls eyes)

These a-holes need to be named and shamed publicly. Don't know how that is going to happen. It would take a fellow male lawmaker of three with spines and a minimum degree of intestinal fortitude to buck their misogynist peers to make a dent in this issue. Sadly, I don't see that kind of courage anywhere in the current generation of Japanese politicians.

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@LFRAgain Not to say that you're necessarily wrong, but reread the article. It's a worldwide problem, not exclusively a Japanese problem.

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Women must help women , who try to better their countries and women in that country. Stop Envy among successful women is one good way. Help each other instead.

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Who talk about Women lawmakers face sexism, violence on job?

It was Julia Gillard? She said women politicians to expect rape threat against them. Former Australia Prime Minister Julia Gillard was incompetent politician and she was recorded as worst Australian PM in Australia history.

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It's a worldwide problem, not exclusively a Japanese problem.

I know it's a worldwide problem. Absolutely. But I'm trying to avoid the wrath of the JT moderators for unnecessarily bringing in comparisons with other countries. They've been a bit touchy about that of late.

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