Women, young girls raped in Haiti's post-quake tent cities


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May all rapist fall on a pickaxe.

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THE UN should get all of the MEN out of these camps! Get them to work to clean up the country and make sure these poor women are safe. This is a horrible situation, get the men the hell out of these camps. Rapists should also be used for target practice. You rape, you get shot. Ok, maybe a bit too far, but just start getting the men out and have female, armed UN soldiers ready to shoot and protect. Do not put horny UN soldiers (MEN) who might be tempted to trade food for sexual favors from the poor Hatian women.

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“We are aware of problem ... but it’s not a priority,” Information Minister Marie-Laurence Jocelyn Lassegue said last month." Wow! If this is not a priority?? What the heck is a PRIORITY for the Hatian government!

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"I am so ashamed."

No need to be ashamed, however you should feel extremely pissed off.

"We're scared people will find out ( that we were raped ) and shun us."

Anyne who shuns someone for being raped should be shunned themselves.


I don't get it, why would a man want to force a woman to have sex against her will? Robin Williams once said God gave man a penis and a brain but only enough blood to use one at a time. Apparently this is actually true for many men.

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Honor, integrity, protection of the innocent, standing up for what is right, organize for the protection of your people, etc...what happens when these things disappear? Arm those women and you will see a change.

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“We are aware of problem ... but it’s not a priority,” Information Minister Marie-Laurence Jocelyn Lassegue said last month."

I wonder how the Information Minister would feel about his priorities if his daughter/wife was in the camp?

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Operative word in your question is "feel". Bringing individual feelings to bear on this matter will get feel good measure implemented that will make things worse. No minister's daughter will be in those camps and if she were, his emotions over it would ruin his judgement.

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Sick! Typical of a 3rd world country. Corruption, No Protection Laws, Tons of rapists, etc...These bad characters give the country a bad name. Who wants to go on vacation and spend their money there to help their economy when you hear of such things as this.

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Disgusting how so many men can become animals in such a situation.

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The whole country of Haiti is inhabited by black anthropoid apes!!

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