Kushner tries to sell Mideast plan to skeptical audience


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U.S. President Donald Trump's son-in-law and senior adviser, Jared Kushner, appealed Tuesday for the Palestinians to consider a $50 billion economic support plan 

because Jared, Ivanka and daddy-in-law Don will probably get even richer after they've each got their cuts from the alleged 'support plan'.

Trump and family: using the White House to fatten their bank accounts. And pay off 'loans'.

@cla68don’t want it because they would lose their victimization narrative

The Palestinians have been victimized.

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Kushner wealth has increased by more than $100 million over the past year. Good having a daddy-in-law in the WH.

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A Chilean mining company whose owner has business ties to Trump's daughter and her husband Jared Kushner was able to clear significant roadblocks in the early days of the Trump admin in order to reverse Obama-era restrictions that prevented it from mining near protected land in Minnesota.

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The main obstacles to Palestinian prosperity is Israel's illegal military occupation which the World Bank says has cost the Palestinian economy billions of dollars and the equally illegal squatter colonies that effectively close off 60% of the West Bank to Palestinian development.

If Kushner was serious about boosting the Palestinian economy, he'd be pressuring Israel to end the occupation and end the plundering of Palestinian natural resources.

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The Trump solution to all problems, money.

If women don't like you, pay them.

If men squeal on you, buy them.

If you want a Nobel Prize, throw money around(not your own)

I hope someday he will understand that, unlike him, some people have morals and cannot be bought.

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No matter the huge amounts of investments, it'd be difficult to sustain an economic recovery when Israel controls their borders, airspace, access to the sea, etc.

In effect, Israel controls the spigot to the faucet of investments - that they can turn on and off at their will

It'd be hard for a Palestine government to discuss investments with investors when the Palestine government cannot guarantee the investors with a high degree of confidence how, when, where, what's gonna happen to their investments

Investors invest looking to eventually profit from Return of Investment, and profit is a result of trades (flow of goods). But trade is uncertain if it's up to Israel controlling their borders how, when, etc. flow of goods can happen

How do ya export and import properly when it's not up to your control

A lot of those investments will just be wasted to that inefficiency. Who's gonna invest like that

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Israel wants the Palestinians to disappear. Truthfully Israel has become an apartheid nation akin to South Africa. Read up on some of the latest anti-Arab laws they have passed... it is sickening.

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He's not gonna sell it to me.

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