World airline federation blasts UK virus test 'scam'


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The prices for these compulsory 2 and 8 day tests are high, but they are necessary so it’s profiteering not a scam. And who would want to travel to the UK for three days when you would have to spend it all quarantining?

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Never let a good (overblown?) crisis go to waste. There's plenty of money to be made from vaccines and other compulsory measures.

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As posted before, my cousins family went from India to NZ. All had tests before leaving India. In quarantine the husband tested positive the next day and was separated. Three or four days later the wife tested positive and put in the same room as husband. Two children, who were separate, tested police on day ten.

how can tests be trusted? Quarantine is the most effective.

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Of course the testing is a scam. That’s why it’s called the Scamdemic.

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