World leaders address global development summit at U.N.


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I'd advise Obama to take a role that we can easily reverse if the conditions on the ground change. We owe those people nothing and everything we do is nothing more than a courtesy.

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Maybe, if the CIA didn't train rebels in Jordon to overthrow the Syrian government, there wouldn't be an Islamic State, driving around in US Humvees, at a cost to taxpayers of $275,000 each, creating a civil war. But, they wanted to create the perfect "enemy". An enemy that has no country, that can move to wherever we say they are. One where we can invade other countries in the name of fighting these terrorists. Funny, when Russia and China want to fight the same enemy in Syria, the US says, " wait, wait, uh, we really don't need your help." As usual, Putin is playing chess and Obama's playing checkers.

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I did not vote for Mr. Obama and probably disagree with 75% or more of his policies, but this is a watershed moment that we must all partake in his call. The preservations of the next generations should be and must be Paramount. War IS an extension of Peace, but if we could try to eliminate war, "what a paradise we could make of this world"!

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Humans cannot eliminate global warming. Impossible for humans to layout natural trends. Far in the future, perhaps. Today, not a chance.

Destroying natural resources is controllable and not directly addressed.

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Less hot air and more action might eliminate global warming. The UN really is a bit of a waste of space.

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I guess I'll be paying higher taxes! Just what a sour economy needs. The highest poverty rate in US history and now we will funnel more money out of the country. Wealth distribution taking place, I've heard rumors of it for a while, now an insane leader will actually do it.

Education, available optional contraception, effective farming and corruption is a great start with not very much money.

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