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World leaders express shock at storming of U.S. Capitol


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As a pathetic little man might tweet, SAD.

The only way is up, America.

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BigYen This, USA, is what it really means to be a laughingstock worldwide, which is a shame because the historic low that Trump and his supporters have brought the US down to is, to anyone who values democracy, absolutely no laughing matter.

The USA has been shamed by this display of fascism by a traitor excuse of a President. Germany had to suffer tremendously for 45 years because of Hitler. Tojo brought shame to Japan. What has occurred in my country during the past 4 years I never imagined would happen in my lifetime.

As a US military veteran I am disgusted and ashamed of Trump and all the evils he and his supporters have in my name and God's name.

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The most sensible and prudent course of action for certain so-called World Leaders is to refrain from inflaming an already tinder box of public disorder. Rapidly deteriorating into entropy/chaos, solely to purse their own cynical domestic political agendas, thus presenting a distraction from there own fragrant ineptitude in office.

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These people are special to Trump as long as they express love and warmth to him, something he doesn't normally get, and he reflects it back to them.

Saddam Hussein was like that, but at the smallest suspicion of disloyalty, he could turn on his supporters with super coldness and disdain.

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Leave the incoming Biden/Harris administration to bring calm with a comprehensive program/plan of action to bridge a clearly divided political community.

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The US Capital is public property and whenever Congress is not in session, people need to be allowed inside.

Whenever Congress is in session, I'd expect the Capitol police to have crowd control perfected and rubber bullets ready.

Worst case, noon January 20th, President Trump will be escorted out of the WH by the Secret Service one way or another and he will have SS guards for the rest of his life. Hopefully, he will attend the Biden inauguration and keep his mouth shut as the power transfers. I'm doubtful of that, but he will probably attend, just to be on TV. Anything to be the center of attention, he wants.

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Social media, broadcaster, press, etc are intent on stoking up, I would suggest criminal incitement, in portraying Donald Trump as some political pantomime villain, the booing and hissing.

Come on let’s all join in.

Look out, he’s behind you! . . . Oh no, he’s not!....,Oh yes he is!!!!!.......Oh, no his….. is!!!!   

Get a grip! …..

Ignore Donald Trump an he will fade away, probably on in the rough at the 12 hole on life's golf course.

Turn Donald Trump into some political imaginary, menacing apparition, spectre or foe, is foolish at best, and ultimately extremity dangerous.

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World embarrassment. Americans have no basis for criticizing other countries governments.

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This isnt a shocking thing as it bound to happen when you have a tantrump as a leader

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Not a democracy.

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Not a democracy.

There are fewer than 10 countries around the world that say they are NOT democracies.

When North Korea, Russia and countries like them claim to be democracies, the definition is pretty broad.

No question under Trump, Cruz and their fellow Republicans the democratic principles of the republic have been undermined. Perhaps the Biden administration can try to restore them.

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Meanwhile in Moscow, Mr.Putin is laughing louds in Kremilin and he toast with a glass of Vodka!

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Meanwhile in Moscow, Mr.Putin is laughing louds in Kremilin and he toast with a glass of Vodka!

And so is the CCP in China which is why you're posting too. But Trump and cronies are going to pay dearly before the country when we Americans are through with them. At least we can demand justice and get it.

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I'm really curious as to how our Canadian neighbors are reacting to this right now....

Before Trump was even allowed to "be" president, many Americans who knew him well despised him. Now that he has been on the world stage as a so called leader representative of the US.... the majority of people around the WORLD despise him.

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That afternoon, America is a banana republic. What a shame

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The difference between the US and Russia and China is that Trump will be held accountable for his crimes in a way that neither Putin or Xi ever will.

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The US (under Obama) encouraged this behavior in Kiev in 2014.

How far back in time are you willing to go? Give us a rough timeline so we can try to stay relevant to what happened today.

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I'm really curious as to how our Canadian neighbors are reacting to this right now....

Probably tapping beers laughing, eh?

trump said he might leave US. They got room for a big ‘un?

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Trump is definitely has nothing to lose, he just walks away with a smiling face! He is accountable for all of his blunders but the Republicans will protecting him at all cost!

Yes, Moscow, Beijing, Pyongyang were happy with that! Because the Americans should have invoking the 25th Amendment to kick Trump out of white house in November but nothing has happened, wasn't that funny?

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