World leaders face crises in N Korea and Myanmar at U.N.


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It's funny that the last Rambo movie to come out had Rambo fighting the Myanmar government.

I knew back then it was predictive programming, and here we are.

Lots of oil in Myanmar (formally known as Burma).

Oh well.

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Lots of oil in Myanmar (formally known as Burma).

Just out of curiosity... when you talk about Zimbabwe (formerly, not formally, known as Rhodesia), Beijing (formerly known as Peking), Mumbai (formerly known as Bombay)... Do you feel the need to add the names they have been known by in the past?

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the North Korea situation will have one outcome, it will be wiped out. The only questions are will the left leaning UN and world governments sacrifice people in Japan, South Korea or other places waiting for an attack, or wipe them out before they kill people.

mysnmar is interesting because we have a former totalitarian regime, which moderately changed saying Muslim militants killedpeople and refugees invading countries. Considering nearly every other war, terrorist activities and militants killing people are also Muslim militants , it's difficult to believe the refugees in this story.

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N. Korea is more of an issue than Myanmar's since the impact of conflict there, will spread Globally.

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More obvious over how UN was biased against Buddhist peoples and Buddhist Burma. The UN Chief didn't address and worry about the slaughtering of innocent defenseless Buddhist and Hindu villager by self-identified Rohingya Muslim villagers and the Taliban and Al Qaida link the ARSA in Rakhine State.

The UN Chief Antonio Guterres and UNHCR Commissioner Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein are only standing up for Muslim peoples and Islam religion. They have abused their position and campaigning for to punish against Buddhist Burmese ethnics. They have broken the principle of UN and UNHCR and discriminated against Buddhist religion and Buddhist Burmese ethnics. They do not fit for high office of UN & UNHCR. They orchestrate together for to punish against Buddhist Burmese peoples and the country from the world. They painted Buddhist Burmese peoples as violence and bad peoples.

Who has started this Rakhine conflict?

Who has started attacking on border guard posts and killed border guards?

Who has started killing Buddhist Rakhine, Mro and other Buddhist ethnics and Hindu peoples as well as Muslim Kaman peoples in Rakhine state?

Who has started torching Buddhist villages and Muslim villages in Rakhine state?

The self-identified Rohingya Muslim villagers and terrorist ARSA have torched both Buddhist and Muslim homes and blame on Buddhists and the Army. I have photos of Muslim men and women torching their homes and horrendous pictures of killing of Buddhists and Hindus.

Over 12,000 of the terrorist ARSA and the self-identified Rohingya Muslim had started attacking on 30 Border guard posts and killed Border guards. The Muslim villagers attacked and killed Buddhist villages and Buddhist and Hindu peoples. The Muslim villagers have burned down Buddhist and Hindu peoples' houses.

The self-identified Rohingya Muslim villagers and the terrorist ARSA have forced Hindu peoples to convert to Islam religion and they killed Hindu peoples who refused to convert to Islam.

Why Buddhist Burmese peoples have no right to defend themselves and let the Islamic terrorists slaughter them like sheep?

The self-identified Rohingya Muslim peoples flee to Bangladesh border by rumor, scare and order of the Islamic terrorist ARSA. They have burned down their villages before fled and blame on Buddhist Burmese and Army. That was planned by the Islamic terrorist ARSA.

The number of Bengali Rohingya Muslim refugees was exaggerated and inflated by double by UNHCR and NGOs. These organizations announce the refugees’ number will be 1 million in end of the year.

Early this year, the UNHCR and Human Rights Watch and NGOs said the self-identified Rohingya Muslim population in Burma was 1.1 million. A few days ago, Human Right watch said the population of self-identified Rohingya Muslim population was 1.6 million. The Buddhist Rakhine peoples have right to worry about breeding of self-identified Rohingya Muslim population if the number was corrected.

The Muslim refugees said Burmese Army has laid mines on along the border and soldiers follow and shoot them. Please, watch below video shot by Bangladesh’s Dakha Today news’ Bengali Muslim reporter who went to Burmese border with Bangladeshi people smuggler boat.

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