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World population hits 8 billion, creating many challenges


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Elon Musk warned Japan would cease to exist if her birthrate continued decline.

Showing Elon Musk is entirely clueless about how population declines work.

True. Why would anyone list to Elon Musk on things that he is clueless about?

If he's talking about rockets or electric cars, sure. War and population? Nope.

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Elon Musk warned Japan would cease to exist if her birthrate continued decline.

Showing Elon Musk is entirely clueless about how population declines work.

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Elon Musk warned Japan would cease to exist if her birthrate continued decline. He caught Japan on the raw, I think, but isn't it also true that a population increase will doom a country to meet the same fate?  

Natural resources are not unlimited. Earth cannot afford to support an unlimited population forever. Sooner or later, the doomsday will come for a nation regardless of an increase or decrease of her population.

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One question amidst all this Malthusian alarmism: Is there more or less hunger now than a hundred years ago? The population has increased because we can now produce huge amounts of food and because life spans have increased correspondingly. Ever tried flying over the earth's continents? For hours at a time there is absolutely no sign of human civilisation: just vast swathes of forests, meadows, grasslands, tundra and deserts.

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Taking into account climate change maybe one more billion would be the limit, after that the current systems would not be able to support the population thanks to the sudden decrease of resources projected.

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As the planet’s population increases, the planet’s ability to sustain life decreases.

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These so called experts don’t factor in disease, global warming/climate change and nuclear war resulting in a 20 year nuclear winter. 8-3=5.

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Population is only rising in the the global south. In the northern hemisphere it is declining. These population alarmists might want to focus their attention south of the equator.

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It projected the world's population will reach around 8.5 billion in 2030, 9.7 billion in 2050 and 10.4 billion in 2100.

I just finished debunking this yesterday. Ok, here goes again..

The reason the world's population is still growing is not because of too many children. It's because people are living LONGER. 50 years ago, it was almost unthinkable that people would live to see 90, but now more and more people are. However, we will soon face a population decline. We may or may not reach 9 billion but after that, we will start to decline. 10 billion will NEVER happen.

The proof is in the fertility rates.

China and India have a combined 36% of the world's population. China's fertility is logged at 1.6 (although some demographers dispute this and say that its actually closer to Japan's 1.3) while India's is at 2.0 The replacement rate is at 2.2. That means Both countries are below replacement rates. India at a much slower rate, but it is still below replacement. That's 36% of the world population and we STILL have not even started to talk about the low fertility in the West (especially Europe) and Asia such as Japan, Taiwan and S Korea among others.

Yes Africa's population is increasing, but it is one of the few places where that is actually happening.

go to YouTube and type in Darrell Bricker & John Ibbitson. They have constantly debunked the UN's forecast for population increase and explained why

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Meanwhile back at the ranch, most of Asia whilst achieving great economic success, is suffering from depopulation. Japan in particular, and I'm not sure how it has been this way, is selling more adult diapers than baby diapers. At some point in time China, Japan etc. is going to have to import labor (and culture) just to pay taxes, think about that for a moment, especially racist Han Chinese.

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"Population is not the problem, the way we consume is the problem — let’s change our consumption patterns,” he said.

Population is not the problem? What a ridiculous statement. Changing consumption patterns to what? How little water will a human want to access in order to allow more humans to exist? How little nature do we want to have? Earth is a small planet with limited resources. Population growth easily has the ability to use up those resources.

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