World powers rally to defend value of Iran nuclear accord


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Seems Trump intends to default once again to congress on this as he's done with so many other issues because he lacks the spine (and intelligence) to make his own decisions. This'll do no favors for his party: all Dems will be for an extension, but the issue will be another cause of fracturing the GOP, just when it should be concentrating on tax reform.

The treaty deals with nuclear issues. Not missiles. Not support for Hezbollah. Not democracy. Work with Iran regarding these areas would be nice, but they are outside the agreement, and reneging would foreclose any possible advances with Iran in any area.

It would also split the US from other signatories. Would Trump really sanction European banks and companies that still do business with Iran? - because if he doesn't, his threats are toothless.

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These small countries mass producing nuclear material, selling it to other countries and then wanting to make a "deal" with the richer countries to stop it is nothing more than blackmail!

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I demand that Trump put American interests ahead of the interests of one radical extremist political party in Israel. . 

so, there 


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Sane minds prevail while the insane continue to march to the the of destruction.

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I demand that Trump put American interests ahead of the interests of one radical extremist political party in Israel. 

Beg your pardon??? Trump is putting American interests ahead, maybe that’s why every other idiotic country is in panic mode, for them it’s all out them €£

Hit Iran and hit them hard with sanctions. Finally a president that can grasp what’s at stake!

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