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World alarmed by violence in U.S.; thousands march in London


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Thank you. Every time we hit a new low in this country, there appears a scintilla of evidence that some critical mass of all of us still have compassion and virtue and that helps ease the pain and distress.

Much respect to the worldwide community standing in solidarity for justice!

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Hu Xijin, the editor of the state-owned Global Times newspaper, tweeted that U.S. officials can now see protests out their own windows: “I want to ask Speaker Pelosi and Secretary Pompeo: Should Beijing support protests in the U.S., like you glorified rioters in Hong Kong?”

Low blow, but my word, right on target.  Yet I thought it was the earlier  line that reflected how much of the world now views the US:

"Racism-tinged events no longer startle even America’s closest allies"

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Should a country burn down, business looted on mass, cars burned down, people attacked, police attacked, news reporters attacked, broken windows everywhere, small businesses already affected by COVID19 ready to reopen now their business is up in flames, everything stolen, broken, burning or graffiti sprayed everywhere.

Yeah... That's what justice looks like.

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Sadly, this will not change the brutal tactics of the police state throughout America. Long after the buildings burned down are rebuilt, long after the looters have stopped, the police will continue to engage in the very tactics and behavior that caused this unrest. Racial profiling, excessive force, all supported by the Blue Wall of Silence.

Disgusting, and what a laughingstock America has become to the world, lecturing others on human rights.

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I'm a Facebook friend with my high school mathematics teacher (!). We both bemoaned the violence but agreed that nothing has changed for people of color in the US (imagine Trump choosing his bride from an ICE cage), and until change happens, violence will continue.

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Are you serious?

”nothing has changed for people of color”

Who do you thing Obama was ?

The hot dog man?

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They've tried peaceful resistance, it didn't work. At some point, when faced with oppression, violence becomes an option. The system is broken, so break the system.

Who do you call when a cop murders a citizen? The cops?

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kurisupisuToday 09:08 am JST


Are you serious?

”nothing has changed for people of color”

Who do you thing Obama was ?

The hot dog man?

I guess you missed all the racism directed at Obama. For his entire presidency, people continue to claim he was born in Africa, despite him producing his birth certificate along with hospital records and a statement from the doctor. And that was the least of the vitriol aimed at him solely on account of his being black.

Do you honestly think that having ONE black president out of 44 means that black people are now 100% completely equal?

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so these were never enforceable in the first place, right?

the protesters ignored U.K. government rules banning crowds because of the pandemic. Police didn't stop them.

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Don't get it twisted! Other countries are not protesting racism and police brutality in the U.S. but for racism and injustice. UK, Australia, Germany, Canada, NZ, France, etc also have racism and oppression against minorities but U.S. always hogs the headlines. Stand up for what you believe in!

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”nothing has changed for people of color”

Who do you thing Obama was ?

This logic is akin to thinking that the election of Trump proves that everybody has no animosity or dislike of him.

Then you look out at the real world...

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Russia accused the United States of “systemic problems in the human rights sphere.'' It denounced Floyd's death as the latest in a series of police violence cases against African Americans.

“This incident is far from the first in a series of lawless conduct and unjustified violence from U.S. law enforcement,’’ the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement. “American police commit such high-profile crimes all too often.’’

This is what they say in public, in private they laugh and congratulate themselves for electing the Idiot that is instigating all this...

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It is difficult to give proper perspective on world's reaction to any event other than probably natural disasters.

News as we know today all over the world are small and short edited bits of information with summaries provided by the media which must compete with other news sites and social media to be recognized, rated and be popular enough to get sponsors and advertising dollars. The problem is as with everything communicated, 90% of what is related is based upon the "perspective" of the reporter. editor, sponsor, and ultimately the reader or viewer. Then the rest is the reaction created by vocal and active members of the society that read or saw the news.

Sadly those vocal and active persons "influence" the thoughts, speech and action of others who may know or may not know the facts behind the news but have some need and desire to get "involved" for reasons and rationale known only to that participant.

However, to put all actions and occurrences into racial or religious or other unrelated motives and to use that for social or political issues for some other motives and purposes are not healthy for any society.

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the article says that people disregarded the rules banning crowds and that police did nothing.

How does a fine prevent the spread of coronavirus? Thousands of people were there, so they werent following the lockdowns.

Many received fines. The majority of the people followed the lockdowns. Today it is mostly lifted but some still in place.

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As the world watches in astonishment the scenes of anger and violence auguring the final days of Trump's MAGApocalypse you can hear the incessant tittering and clinking of vodka glasses within the Kremlin walls. Putin certainly got his Russki rouble's worth when he backed the old orange six-time loser.

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Here are the protesters in London in action. Interesting that they have a message for the UK police too:


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While other countries DO indeed have racism issues they are NOTHING like what the US has, as I said about a month ago on a gun related thread the US is a powder keg, ready to explode at any time, this, once AGAIN is one of those times!

Apr. 29 11:11 am JST Posted in: From guns to GoPros, Asian Americans seek to deter attacks See in context

Sadly the US is a tinderbox, as I have said before if the economic situation gets worse & worse it could unleash a LOT of violence & bad situations

And with all the guns...…...scary stuff!! Places could end up resembling zombie video games

Fingers crossed it doesn't happen, but to think it cant …..

The US is a dangerous place, it really needs to & should be doing more wrt to its history & real issues with law enforcement, this KEEPS happening, one day the riots may break out & NOT cool down!!!

The ""greatest"" country in the world can & should be doing better, much better!

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The "Mission Accomplished" banner has gone up. Where? In Russia and China. Chaos and division now reign supreme in the country formerly known as the "United" States of America. It no longer matter whether the US President is a Republican corporate or a Democratic corporate. Very soon now Civil War II shall break out.

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What the UK and Lord Chris Patten did to their subjects in their former colony in HK is a precursor of the kind of brutal attacks and killings that is now happening to unarmed Blacks in America.

Lord Patten and his country effectively made the people of HK 4th.-class UK citizens when he gave them BNO instead of FULL UK citizenship thus making them instantly vulnerable to the whims and caprices of the authoritarian regime in China.

Where were the crowds in Trafalgar then?

The British are the least qualified to criticize the racists in America now .

They should look in the mirror first. For all we know maybe they are the inspiration of the racists people in the US now?


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My students in another town said they noticed escalated police patrols. I also have in my town. Yet I cannot even imagine Japanese people following the suit of American protesters, rioters and looters no matter how rightly angry they may be about excessive taxation. Even if Japanese police were violent, I expect they would take it for decades longer than Americans have.

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The only surprise here is that it took Americans this long to react this much to rampant police abuse and unaccountability. Sorry boots and bootlickers, but the ride could not last forever.

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As the world watches in astonishment the scenes of anger and violence auguring the final days of Trump's MAGApocalypse you can hear the incessant tittering and clinking of vodka glasses within the Kremlin walls. Putin certainly got his Russki rouble's worth when he backed the old orange six-time loser.

short term memory or just being intellectually lazy? Trump was the answer to a series of incompetent regimes, both Dem and Repub, who sold the US out, destroyed the mfg sector and promised jobs offered by the military industrial complex they created around the world. A police state with a dependence on foreign supply chains and companies that had moved their mfg and jobs abroad.

This swath of change was predicted. Its only temporary.

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... (imagine Trump choosing his bride from an ICE cage) ...

Imagine you making sense.

Not much has changed since the Watts Riots or Rodney King beaten to death by cops.

It is apparent that facts are irrelevant to you, Zichi. Read the following. Were you too lazy to do just a wee bit of googling or were you too anxious to “speak your truth” before shooting from the hip - and missing?

Re: death of Rodney King (Wikipedia)

“In 2012, King was found dead in his swimming pool two months after publishing his memoir; the coroner found evidence of alcohol and drugs in his system and ruled these and his history of heart problems had likely resulted in an accidental drowning.”

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Good work protestors, it shows good humans still knows right and wrong.

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