Anti-coup protesters run as one of them discharges a fire extinguisher to counter the impact of tear gas fired by riot policemen in Yangon, Myanmar, on Wednesday. Photo: AP

38 killed in violent day of protests against Myanmar coup


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"Today it was the bloodiest day since the coup happened on the 1st of February. We had today — only today — 38 people died. We have now more than over 50 people died since the coup started, and many are wounded,"

The number may be larger, yet seems unreported or under-reported. Most worrying is that the pace for casualties is accelerating more recently.

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Police and soldiers opened fire with live rounds with little warning, witnesses said.

Myanmar is showing brutal authoritarianism at its ugliest and most visible for the whole world to see. And yet throughout the world anti-democracy, pro-authoritarian movements are gaining ground.

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Tragic and deadly protests with innocent people dying from an oppressive military.

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The Myanmar military must be eliminated. Can't be that difficult to do.

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Where is the outcry - I mean real outcry - from govts in the free world?

Where are the sanctions?

Where are the actions to freeze funds?

Where's the justice for the people of Myanmar?

Not tomorrow or next week or next month.

Squeeze this fascist regime now.

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38, with probably more to follow. The people of Myanmar will not forget the hideous actions of the junta.

The Myanmar military must be eliminated. Can't be that difficult to do.

Wonder why nobody else has thought of that over the decades.

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Rivers of blood across the nation.

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Rivers of blood across the nation.

I'm sure you don't intend it but that sounds uncomfortably like an echo of Enoch there!

Anyway, not only is there the murderous actions of the junta to contend with but let's not forget the ongoing ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya.

It's a horrible, awful mess.

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The death penalty is the only remedy and reward for murdering fascist military leaders and their henchmen.

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And there you have it. The military are hunkering down, and ready to take what comes. They still feel they are right and some will support them. These 'few friends' will be North Korea and China, I expect. Is driving them into a corner the best path?

Quote: "The answer was: 'We are used to sanctions, and we survived'," she (Schraner Burgener) told reporters in New York. "When I also warned they will go (into) isolation, the answer was: 'We have to learn to walk with only few friends'."

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Myanmar has now become a nation in turmoil. A turbulent nation under the iron-fists of violent military junta.

Eventually, it is the hapless people who would bear the brunt of the recklessness.

How many more have to die?..

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By turning your guns on your own people, (in short-term hopes of protecting your own position of power and privilege, when refusing to accept the legitimate election results) ) you are essentially shooting yourself in the foot, and sowing the seeds of future hatred and stress.

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Where is the outcry - I mean real outcry - from govts in the free world?

They backed her and she launched a mass genocide, hundreds of thousands of muslims murdered and raped, villages burnt down and 700000 refugees. Maybe they want to stay silent a while?

burma has massive resources, is important logistically in the upcoming war against China and has a vast tapable labour market. Basically a gold mine in waiting.

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Citizens of Myanmar are in danger!!

After UN asked China not to encroach in Myanmar it did not stop even after that also. And if it is doesn’t then handful of citizens of Myanmar will be alive. As those who are raising the voice are put behind the bars or dragged out of their house at midnights and are killed. Human rights are being openly violated in Myanmar as it happens in China.

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