Venezuela opposition takes steps to seize oil revenue as Maduro issues threat

By Corina Pons and Angus Berwick

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The US is already trying to steal Venezuela's oil.

Usually that happens after the bombs fall, but Venezuela is just too juicy to resist.

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The proposed Citgo board would be composed of Venezuelans Luisa Palacios, Angel Olmeta, Luis Urdaneta and Edgar Rincon, all of whom are currently living in the United States, plus one American director.

This is just wrong, if true. The owners who had their company stolen need to be in control as it becomes privatized again.

The same should eventually happen to all the other "Nationalized", formerly private companies, as they are returned to their rightful owners.

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"I think there are a number of solutions, a number of different options, and we look at all options," Trump said when asked about the issue on Wednesday, in an appearance at the White House with Colombian President Ivan Duque.

And I'm sure the Venezuelans will, too.

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"Maduro retains control of state institutions"

Funny how what is usually considered normal and lawful (The democratically elected head of government being in charge, not some regional representative with a limited constituency who ignores all the clauses and limitations on an emergency succession of powers provision to name himself President) can be made to sound so bad.

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