China heads into Lunar New Year on shutdown as virus spreads to Europe

By Judy Hua and Cate Cadell

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There's a report of one Chinese woman with the coronavirus from Wuhan who took fever reducing tablets so she could pass inspections and catch a flight from China to Paris. It worked too, and she got to take her trip to Paris. She even took selfies of herself in the restaurants of Paris to post on her Facebook page knowing that she was a likely coronavirus carrier. Needless to say, the Parisians were none too happy to hear about it.

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The WHO said on Thursday it was a "bit too early" to designate the outbreak a public health emergency of international concern, which would require countries to step up their response.

WTF is wrong with the WHO???? Are they waiting for high infection numbers on a global basis?

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@OssanAmerica ... WHO is incompetent. Remember the Ebola outbreak in West Africa in 2014 - 2016? They had advanced warnings from medical NGOs on the ground for months, but ignored it.

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How many of you suspect it's way worse then what the Chinese government is letting on?

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Wuhan, a city of 11 million where the virus was first identified, is in virtual lockdown. Nearly all flights at Wuhan's airport have been canceled and checkpoints block the main roads leading out of town.


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CrazyJoe I have been saying for days its way way worse than what they are letting on.

This disease started end of December and has now spread through a large number of people over a 3 week period who are now moving around the world spreading it even further.

The chinese have left it way too long to take action and this horrible sickness has already taken hold.

The numbers the chinese govt are reporting are way lower than the actual true count you can be sure of that.

WHO is probably watching this spread and doing nothing as part of the UN mandate agenda 21 or what ever it is , population reduction,

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Will be a massive loss for the Chinese economy and suppliers have already spent money on goods and services. The New Year is the biggest business of the year.

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How many of you suspect it's way worse then what the Chinese government is letting on?

The 'official' death toll for Chernobyl is 31 (the Soviet Union official figure). So I would put money on the death toll being far higher than the figures that the Chinese are giving us..

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CrazyJoe, your link shows planes flying in and out of Wuhan even today. Thanks.

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