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U.S., China exchange barbs over Huawei as trade tensions flare

By Doina Chiacu and Stella Qiu

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We can trust China and Huawei as much as we can trust Donny. Sad innit.

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Why are they referring to it as an 'aid program'? It's clearly a handout using tax payers hard earned cash. Socialism anyone?

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The only security concern the US has is it is about to lose its economic domination of the globe. These trade wars, sanctions. tariffs and military exercises off the Chinese coast is no more that the US trying to show the world it is still "top dog". The US is not prepared to be part of the world it wants to dominate the world. The posturing by the US is no more that the US intimidating the globe in order to maintain its dictatorship. With the rise of the Indian economy, it will be next in the US sights.

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Farmers get money and the American consumer pays more?

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Has anyone told Pompeo and Trump and his cult followers, China is a communist country, or however you think of communism , and all Chinese companies have links to the government and all those Chinese employees have links to the government, so everything that is exported from China has made in China stamped on it, making all those products communist made, similar to Russia. Seems those facts don't matter to the rest of the world who trade with China, most consumers don't really care as long as the price is right. Has Trump ever considered that the worlds consumers might not want expensive American made products. The world we live in today offers the consumers a huge variety of choice and price from products that are made from all over the world, by workers who consist of various colors , ethnicity and religions and are most thankful that they have a job and thier quality of life has improved. Trump trying to hold the world to ransom with his protectionist policies, is not only illegal but really childish. As for Huawei spying, a poster already mention the American governments unsuccessful attempt to get Apple to put a back door in its phones, which I think FB is another agency of the US, but thats another matter. Plus products, ie:Japanese car parts, that Trump considers a national security threat, what , are you kidding me. The only threat to America's national security is Trump, Pompeo, Bolton and the rest of the lunatics in the WH that are running America.

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Your statement is just a view from the consumer side.

As a claim from the manufacturer of the product, I think that the US claims are not all wrong.

When manufacturing and selling products that use patented technology, it is necessary to obtain permission from the owner of the patent.

The act of selling a product manufactured without permission is the same as losing profits for the patent owner.

Huawei (CCP) was selling and profiting products without permission, but it is still in progress.

The correct price you think is not always the correct price.

By the way, you criticize American protectionism, but are you not aware that China is also doing protectionism imposing?

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The Chinese supreme leader don't have to worry about re-elections! Trumo does! So let the barbs persists and see who hurts!

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Ban all sales of Apple phones in China. Get other countries to ban their use as well. The CIA can hack these phones.

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Ban all sales of Apple phones in China. Get other countries to ban their use as well. The CIA can hack these phones.

50% of all iPhones are made in China.

Trump banned Huawei for security reasons but today states they can be included in trade talks.

Who do we trust more Trump or Huawei?

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most consumers don't really care as long as the price is right.

Iphones and other advanced Chinese-made handsets are fetching close to $1,000 these days. The price is NOT right for many China-made goods.

I bought a great tennis racket 10 years ago made in Japan for 30,000 yen. Its successor model is made in China and costs....34,000 yen. The problem for consumers is that increasingly they are being deprived of choice, thanks to today's China-dependent globalization. You either buy a Chinese product or you buy none at all.

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Zichi, Huawei of course! trump can not be trusted to do the right thing. He only does things that help his base or put money into his accounts. Lastly trump hates the Japanese peoples!

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