China will defeat coronavirus, Xi tells Trump, as doctor's death sparks outcry

By Se Young Lee and Brenda Goh

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Defeat, yep good luck with that, can chop up a journalist and Trumps ok with that too, The Doctor he was causing embarrassment but luckily for Xi (Leader for life) the doctor at the prime of his life suppedly getting fantastic medical care...died. Mmmmmm. Narcissism by its nature knows no bounds. Best not to say too much lest you perish.

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Well, at least they are talking ay? Political differences, rivalries aside, this is a global pandemic that supersedes economics, geopolitics and will need across the board cooperation, understanding, transparency and mass scale collaborative efforts.. i hope our leaders and systems are up to it. Feels like we are about 12 minutes into a movie that is gunna get fast moving real quick. Historical moment even? A chance to put differences aside for a bit.

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whew, now I feel better.

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The silver lining to this debacle seems to be Chinese people thinking and feeling differently about Japan. They have been very thankful for the help, masks, other medical supplies etc. Let;s hope these good feelings continue long into the future, and don't fade quickly.

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34 year olds in good health,with a healthy immune system,don't just up and die.C.V. ain't like that.More underhanded methods caused his demise.China has little credibility in anything they say.Death toll or otherwise.

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Li can start by telling the truth about the death toll; if he even knows

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Britain confirmed a third case in which the coronavirus was contracted after the individual concerned visited an Asian country other than China. The government did not identify the country but issued a list of places from which travellers who developed symptoms should isolate themselves, it said.

The list included Hong Kong, Japan, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand, as well as China.

Britain identified the country as Singapore. The mentioned individual only travelled via direct flight to Singapore and returned back to Britain.

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Pls be reasonable, the doctor has family , surely, if foul play is used, with a death in the family, no sane family members will stand down .Attack the virius not China. How ignorant. Very american style.

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@Tara - With all due respect, I think Dr. Li, Wenliang is a hero who was killed by the virus (not by China or some plot). He is a heroic Chinese man who tried to expose this terrible virus in early January.

I will not attack China but I will attack the current government who threatened to arrest this heroic Chinese doctor. If they would have heeded his warning the country may not be in the condition it is now.

My thoughts are as follows:

Dr. Li is a brave man who died trying to save the life of his fellow citizens. He has my complete admiration.

The CCP are cowards who cannot admit this situation is totally out of control and that the death toll is much higher than reported.

If that is the "American" way then so be it.

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Attack the virius not China. How ignorant.

Agreed. Some people don't need much of an excuse to start with the conspiracy theories. It makes no sense that the Chinese government would essentially murder one of their own medical people when they've already issued what they believe to be an appropriate punishment.

Li was forced to sign a letter on Jan. 3 saying he had "severely disrupted social order" and was threatened with charges.

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Li, 34, was one of eight people reprimanded by police in the central city of Wuhan, the epicenter of the contagion, last month for spreading "illegal and false" information about the flu-like virus.

Given a choice between a ‘reprimand’ from the police in China and a dose of Coronavirus, I’d take my chances with the latter.

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@ Ricky Kaminski13

....this is a global pandemic that.... 

This is not a pandemic!

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Open Minded

I would add a caveat; This is not yet a global pandemic but this is a pandemic in China

an outbreak of a disease that occurs over a wide geographic area and affects an exceptionally high proportion of the population a pandemic outbreak of a disease

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When the good doctor was brought to the police department to sign confession you think he sort of coughed, sneezed and passed on droplets filled with the virus?

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Given a choice between a ‘reprimand’ from the police in China and a dose of Coronavirus, I’d take my chances with the latter.

Me too.

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34 year olds in good health,with a healthy immune system,don't just up and die. C.V. ain't like that.

They certainly do.

Here are some case fatality ratios from SARS.


20-29 yrs old, 0.9%

30-39, 3%

40-49, 5%

50-59, 10%

60-69, 17.6%


Hong Kong:

25-44, 6%

45-65, 16%

(Source: World Health Organization, "Consensus document on the epidemiology of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS)")

So in what sense do you say "CV aint like that"? A coronavirus illness is clearly capable of killing healthy people. It happened with SARS and it is happening now.

That's also the history of infectious disease in general.

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Governments only move if there's money at stake. You can always predict how much media coverage and action will be taken by the amount of money is at risk.

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The rallying cry came amid an outpouring of grief and anger on social media over the death of ophthalmologist Li Wenliang.

Li, 34, was one of eight people reprimanded by police in the central city of Wuhan, the epicenter of the contagion, last month for spreading "illegal and false" information about the flu-like virus.

His social media messages warning of a new "SARS-like" coronavirus - a reference to Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome(SARS) which originated in China and killed almost 800 people around the world in 2002-2003 - triggered the wrath of police.

China was accused of trying to cover up SARS.

Li was forced to sign a letter on Jan. 3 saying he had"severely disrupted social order" and was threatened with charges.

Some media outlets described Li as a hero "willing to speak the truth" but there were signs that discussion of his death was being censored.

Shame on Chinese authorities who are more concerned about saving face than saving lives

And their stupid system that promotes getting favorable reports from local officials, in lieu of the true state of affairs (if ya give bad news to your higher-ups, ya get demoted)

And even the good doctor's death, they can't even leave that alone without censoring the discussion about the truth of what happened to him. It's like they didn't even learn from his sacrifice

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@Tara. One hopes the paper is burned away and the truth escapes. I’m not confident we will ever know how many really died unless the CCP heads areremoved

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Stop fear mongering, this is not a pandemic.

A pandemic is a worldwide epidemic or multi continents at least.

This not the case by far yet.

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Everyone hopes that China succeeds in defeating this virus.

A couple of thoughts: I was reading that viruses tend to do well in the winter, and that new cases are fewer during hot weather. If so, we may see fewer infected as the year progresses. Also, it is more beneficial to the virus if it does not kill its host. So, we may see it evolve into something less lethal.

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This virus will eventually run its course, but it's going to take a lot of people with it before that. China would be best to change their practice of allowing wet markets or at least force businesses to adopt a proper way of housing and slaughtering animals to be sold to the public.

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Well as long as the infected people somehow go away. Meanwhile, the scientists of China and the world are trying to find an animal to blame. It's time to guess which animal they will pick and link the virus to in some ways.

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Par for the course in China.

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China was accused of trying to cover up SARS.

As always, the communist represive good old China..

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Yesterday Xi had his ambassador in the UK give a toe curling speech on how everyone is scaremongering, China has everything under control and has cured some of those who has the virus. Essentially he was telling the world to shut up and sit down.

Xi is about as effective as King Canute.

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China has chafed at some travel curbs imposed by other countries, which the WHO says are unnecessary.

While most are concentrating their anger at CCP solely the other culprit is the bought and paid for current leader of the WHO. This sole individual is strictly in the CCP's pocket and causing more trouble with markets every time he speaks while the rest of the world knows full well what is ongoing. The media is not holding back any longer which is good finally, but removing this traitor out of this organization will weaken the CCP's manipulation on the global economy and onward towards a speedy recovery as nations around the world collectively work together to find a cure.

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