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Brexit deal at hand in Brussels, Johnson struggles to win support at home

By Gabriela Baczynska and Alan Charlish

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Boris is getting it done.

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The main stumbling block remaining for Johnson appeared to be objections from a small Northern Ireland political party whose votes he must secure to get any deal through parliament.

LOL; a brilliant claws out description of the DUP. Meanwhile, Arlene defends her meeting with paramilitaries.


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Boris is getting it done.

Perhaps you could elaborate? Given the above reporting & not to mention the Arcuri probes?


How is Johnson "getting it done" and who is he doing it to?

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"The basic foundations of this agreement are ready and theoretically we could accept a deal tomorrow," said European Council President Donald Tusk, who will chair a summit of EU leaders, including Johnson, on Thursday and Friday.

However, Tusk said in comments broadcast by Polish broadcaster TVN 24 that "certain doubts have appeared from the British side", a reference to Johnson's need to win over politicians who fear he may have conceded too much.

Lol, again!?

Pretty clear now that the UK (and their spineless MPs) are getting cold feet about jumping off the brexit cliff. Nothing wrong with that -per se- just own up and admit you were wrong. 3 years ff!!

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Pro-Brexit lawmakers from Johnson's governing Conservative Party say they will only back a deal if it has gained the support of the DUP,

Any conservatives that do not vote for the deal will be expelled from the party, just like the last lot of "rebels". At least, that's what Johnson said.

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This is essentially the same deal that Theresa May had two years ago. It was voted down then by the very people who negotiated it, plus the DUP from Northern Ireland. It might pass now because everyone is sick of the drama. Brexit is the stupidest political idea of modern times with the exception of handing the Presidency over to Trump. The UK is basically voting to place economic sanctions on themselves.

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I don't think Johnson's deal will get through the commons, bookies wont give me odds.

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Odds on for a extension.

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The EU brokers have played a blinder throughout: they made pulling out nasty, brutish and long while making sure their rear end would be well covered so that they would emerge in the end smelling like roses. The "heartbreaking" business of strangling the misbegotten Brexitbaby in its parliamentary cradle has been given to the Brits who will be exchanging mutual recriminations for some time until the real problems of the country eventually refocus the national debate. Bye-bye, Boris!

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What a mess.

The Ireland border is fundamentally the principal sticking point, yet the Irish don't really understand that they've never been totally integrated into Europe in the first place since both Ireland and the UK opted out of the Schengen Agreement...

The simple solution for this quagmire for the EU, is to have the whole of Ireland treated like the UK under whatever trade agreement they come up with. The alternative, would be for a United Ireland, which from the looks of things, would only happen if the South invades the North.

However to make matters worse, the UK Politicians cant even follow their mandate from their own voters - they didnt ask the simple question of What form of EU exit the voters wanted... a rollback to pre-1981 ? They simply responded to the question we want to leave the EU...

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If I was running the EU, by now, I'd be sorely pissed off with the UK. They've asked to leave, but seemingly cant decide how. The cost of these ongoing negotiations, and the trouble it's causing to the EU itself would need to be weighed up against going hard-ball, and saying enough is enough you're out.. no deal, and Ireland for the above stated reasons would "suffer" too....

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