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Myanmar protesters undaunted; Suu Kyi speaks to judge


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It's as if the generals have declared war on the people,"

Of course. That rotten military junta has been waging war on the people since the 50s. Burmese Road to Socialism, SLORC, SPDP (sp?), with or without ASSK has been doing it - not to mention the ethnic wars against the Karen, Shan, and of course the current genocide against the Rohignya.

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charges of illegally importing six walkie-talkie radios

so this is how she got bribes from foreign multinationals? We need more info...

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"" illegally importing six walkie-talkie radios"" wow, what will they do to all the drug cartels in Myanmar???

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Suu Kyi's party won a 2015 election and another on Nov. 8 but the military said the vote was marred by fraud and used that complaint to justify their coup. The electoral commission dismissed accusations of fraud.

Did they use Diminion voting machines?

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Myanmar probably shouldn't be a single nation. It is a hodgepodge of formerly independent little kingdoms and people like Arakan or the Karen, who were subjugated by the British in a single colony and then granted independence as a single nation after WWII. Many of these formerly independent nations immediately began to fight for secession as soon as Burma was an independent nation. Burma has been in a state of civil war, actually multiple civil wars since its independence.

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Suu Kyi was once the human rights poster child with the Nobel Prize and the rest of it.

I wonder how many live would have been saved in Myanmar these past several years if the international human rights community went after her a bit more, after her country.

It seems to me they largely leave her alone because they have egg on their faces.

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As now the Mr. Xi Jinping clearly asked Mr. Biden not to interfere about the CCP's working on Tibet, Taiwan, Hong-Kong and many more. As China has abolished the basic rights its own citizens it is doing same with Myanmar. As the CCP is investing heavily in Myanmar internal relation especially in state of Rakhine, and kachinas as well as the entire Myanmar region. China is providing extensive aid and healing to develop infrastructures Myanmar and aims to be the chief beneficiary of cultivating Myanmar oil and natural gases reserve. As the world knows China always crave to extend its boundaries it is looking forward to take Myanmar under it too. And now the police is also protesting against the actions and moreover protesters are getting shot.

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' tentative transition to democracy'

My butt. They say Myanmar 'has been in transition' snce 2011, what a crock. It's 2021 now. Ten years is plenty of time for a change like that. ASSK has been collaborating with the junta and now she is getting backstabbed by them.

On top of that, she has vehemently denied the ongoing genocide of the Rohignya people who have technically been under an apartheid since 1962. She's a murderess. I dont feel one bit of sympathy for her, none at all.

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