Hong Kong delays election for a year, citing pandemic

By Yanni Chow and Carol Mang

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This is why woman leaders are gaining in popularity around the world.

Ms. Lam is saying that human life is more important than politics.

Whereas a typical toxic male would argue the opposite, that it's ok to risk human life to play the political game.

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Uh ... vote by mail?

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Xi and Trump showing once again their common approach to authoritarianism: don't let the general population vote.

At least Putin allowed his people to vote whether he should remain supreme leader through 2036.

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Uh ... vote by mail?

But, orange votes matter more!

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Thank you to China for providing such a timely reminder that delaying elections is what autocratic regimes do.

So this is where Trump got his idea. From the Chinese Communist government.

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Maybe they’re just trolling.

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No surprise from the truly despicable Hong Kong "government" and Communist puppet, evil Carrie Lam. As Human Rights Watch states, this is purely being done to contain the political emergency. It has zero to do with any health concern. The freedom-loving people of HK are rightly outraged, and I hope will rise up against this decision against HK police and civil servants.

Boycott Hong Kong, boycott Communist China!

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The WH criticized the HK election delay on the same day as they suggested delaying the US elections.

The hypocrisy is stuff made for comedy shows!!!!

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The United States quickly condemned the move, saying it was the latest example of Beijing undermining democracy in the Chinese-ruled territory.

U.S. President Donald Trump twittered he is contemplating a delay of the November U.S. presidential election. How would the U.S. establish consistency between Trump's suggestion of the delay of the presidential election and its criticism of Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam's announcement of the delay of legislative election?

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What's the point of an Election in HK... it's vote for the CCP Stoogies, or vote for the CCP Stoogies... Choice ?

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The UK should send in a Naval Fleet to evacuate HK'ers just like Dunkirk.

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As the CCP has said they will no longer recognize the passport of British Overseas Citizens as a valid travel document in Hong Kong.

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It seems more and more there is only 1 way to have Lam removed from office.

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