May's Brexit talks with Labour stall; delay request fails to convince EU

By Alistair Smout and Gabriela Baczynska

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When a nation's own government is mired in political failure to the point that it really cannot manage to govern, that is not the time to upend that nation's economy, perhaps fatally.

The referendum was an act of political cowardice in a representative democracy. Treating its result as if it mattered only made things worse. It is downhill from there.

One might need an appendectomy urgently, but when the "surgeon" is a drunk neighbor with a butter knife, perhaps it is better to wait for someone more qualified.

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political cowardice

Thats an understatement. The U.K. is toast!

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PM May is down and out, out of No10 quicker than a duck across a pond with her failed and confusing attempts to leave or maybe deep inside she really is a remainer.

Can't think of a worse time in British politics than the last two years. Will she even still be the PM when Trump comes for his state visit.

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Looks like the "confirmatory" second referendum is fast becoming the only viable option as a way out of this mess. Unless the British public votes the same way again...

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Talks between Prime Minister Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn, have set a new low for sham self serving wretched dishonesty.

Whether politically the electorate voted to remain a member state of the European Union or leave, is a mere side show.

Great Britain uncodified constitution, is not frame-worked in any single document.

For centuries powers to govern have evolved through common and statue law, theorists detailing and defining conventions and procedures to achieve a flexible means of democratic government.

Theresa May actions attempting to circumvent the very principles of parliamentary authority by means of a shameless masquerade inviting Jeremy Corbyn into a faustian pact to fake and swindle a withdrawal deal that Parliament has rejected on no less than three separate occasions.

The treachery, a betrayal of trust, had the deceitful May, utilising the pretence of an agenda to find a consensus with Labour, to buy time for a prolonged extension to Article 50.

The chicanery is effing outrageous.

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May, off to the tower, there is a spike (metaphorically) with her name of it.

General Election, it time for political change.

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Why, after two years, would the EU think that the British government would be able to come up with an acceptable plan if given an extension? The only option at this point is to hold a second, public referendum and put the question to the people in an honest way, rather than the way it was done the first time around.

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It seems from her actions, that she would prefer a hard brexit, but that it be done simply out of the sheer dysfunctionalism of the current British Political system.

The EU however says if Britain leaves without paying up, then there will be no negotiations afterwards until Britain pays its dues... it's in part those payments that in the first place led to Brexit. It's in comparison quite understandable that Trump complains about NATO members not paying their fair share (European members...),

The UK can survive outside of Europe, of course there will be an adjustment period which may be unpleasant, but that is needed to get Britain off its arse and into action once again, and then let those left within Europe look on with envy.

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