New coronavirus cases fall in China, but WHO concerned by global spread

By Yilei Sun and Shivani Singh

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Relative to its population of 1.6 billion, the infection rate in China is extremely small.

This virus is not so virulent in the general population.

Like every other flu, it will meet its fate with the Spring and Summer sunshine (at least in the northern hemisphere that is approaching now)

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This virus is not so virulent in the general population.

It’s amazing that you have more information than the experts.

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If you believe that China is telling the truth on these numbers, just remember how this all started this time and with SARS back in 2002. China is lying through its teeth. The numbers are bent to make it look like everything is better now so they can get back to making profit but it's anything but over in China.

Now the world is starting to catch this Chinese made virus and let's be not sugar coat the facts, the WHO are in China's pocket on this and have been since the beginning which is why it's spreading to the rest of the world. This happened before with SARS and it's happening again because people seem to have very short memories.

As I write this South Korea has 433 confirmed cases and Japan has 122. Prepare for those numbers to jump significatly over the next two weeks.

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So which is it now, one day the cases are rising, the next day they’re falling? This is just all so confusing.

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Lets have a vote. Who here trust the Chinese government, and their data?

Thumbs up for yes, Thumbs down for no.

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Who here trust the Chinese government, and their data?

I neither completely trust nor completely mistrust their data. One thing I know about PRC is that if you walk in the hospital and they tell you you have diabetes, then you get pneumonia and die, they will mark you down as having died from diabetes complications.

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OssanAmericaToday  09:34 am UTC

Best news I've heard in a few weeks. Hope it pans out!

Texas-based company has reportedly created a coronavirus vaccine

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Chen Yulu, a deputy governor of the People's Bank of China, said policymakers had plenty of tools to support the economy, and were confident of winning the war against the epidemic.

A war you started by accident on your own citizens, no doubt. The facts are all starting to point to that.

"We believe that after this epidemic is over, pent-up demand for consumption and investment will be fully released, and China's economy will rebound swiftly," Chen told state TV.

Is this guy for real? Is he hinting that Chinese consumers are like sex starved teenagers that after being grounded for several weeks won't be able to control themselves and will go nuts?

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Official (rigged) Coronavirus Count: 75,569 infected, 2,239 dead

Realistic estimates: 300,000+ infected, 30,000+ dead

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The below is what is frightening. Recogning that doctors must come into contact with infected patients, why are doctors of this age dying?

"Xia Sisi, 29, was admitted to the hospital on January 19, and was then transferred to Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University as her conditioned worsened.

“At 6:30 in the early morning of February 23, 2020, she died at Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University after all rescue measures were exhausted. We express our deep condolences to Doctor Xia Sisi's unfortunate passing and condolences to her family,” the hospital said in a statement.

On Thursday, another doctor in Wuhan, 29-year-old Peng Yinhua, also died from the virus. There was national outrage earlier this month when doctor Li Wenliang, who had attempted to raise the alarm about the virus in the early weeks of the outbreak only to be reprimanded by police, died of the disease. "

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The reason why the number of cases has fallen in China, is that there is a shortage of testing kits...

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Like every other flu, it will meet its fate with the Spring and Summer sunshine (at least in the northern hemisphere that is approaching now)

SARS spread in Hong Kong in the last week of March and throughout April. The weather at that time of year is warm (when not hot) and humid. Taiwan had its outbreak in April and May, which are warm to hot months, and wasn't removed from the affected areas list (no new cases for 20 days) until July 5 2003. SARS also spread well in Singapore, which doesn't have a spring or summer, or a dry season. Singapore has also had 89 cases (so far) of Covid19.

MERS spread in mostly Arabian peninsular countries, first seen in April 2012 with cases continuing through the year to the winter months, and then every year since, with no particular time of year when cases don't occur. It also spread in South Korea in 2015 from May to July. So there isn't a MERS season as such, and unlike SARS, it hasn't gone away.

These seem like better comparisons than what "every other flu" does, because COVID-19 isn't influenza, and is closer to SARS and MERS. Don't be too surprised then if the pattern doesn't conveniently match what happens with flu. Also be aware that viruses don't spend all their time out in the sunshine, and nor do people, which may explain why they those viruses still spread (and kill) in spring and summer months.

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