European nations revive curfews, lockdowns amid growth in virus

By Benoit Van Overstraeten and Jan Lopatka

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With new cases hitting about 100,000 daily, Europe has by a wide margin overtaken the United States, where more than 51,000 COVID-19 infections are reported on average every day.

So much for testing as the key to containing the virus.

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So much for testing as the key to containing the virus.

Seems the virus is here to stay no matter what, lockdown or no lockdown... gotta learn to live with it, thankfully it seems to be getting weaker.

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These are not impossible choices. The elite continue to jet about as if nothing were going on (see the story on Sebastian Coe in JT the other day), yet we the plebs are told that we have to lockdown for own good. And yet the death rate stays low and flat. What the fear-mongering media and governments do not focus on is the ages and conditions of the people who are dying of this virus. Two sets of rules.

I find it interesting that people on this forum who usually berate politicians like Johnson, Macron etc for being a bunch of elitist fascists are lining up behind them in support of these lockdowns without thinking about what's going on behind the scenes. These politicians continuously spin and lie as a matter of habit, so what makes you think they're telling the truth about COVID numbers and justification for lockdowns now? This is no "conspiracy theory." It's out in the open.

As a related sidenote, the slogan Build Back Better seems to be creeping into the political and media lexicon now, edging aside New Normal. Destruction in order to rebuild society in a certain image. Biden is babbling it in some of his speeches, as is Boris. Funnily enough, this slogan first got its public airing through the World Economic Forum's Great Reset - and BoJo, Biden, loads of other world leaders and business and NGO types have been part of this organisation for years. While that doesn't conclusively "prove" anything in itself, it gives an insight as to where these people get their talking points from, and where they seems to be wanting to take us. Thanks, but no thanks.

Here's the WEF's website on the Great Reset.

And a video by Dave Cullen digging below the surface and examining Klaus Schwab, the originator of the WEF.

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Had an intense argument about herd immunity today. Still think I’m right. Love japan, an islands approach. I don’t want house arrest, forced masks, forced closures, €1500 fines etc.

it seems the old are scared of the young enjoying life because they are most at risk.

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With new cases hitting about 100,000 daily, Europe has by a wide margin overtaken the United States, where more than 51,000 COVID-19 infections are reported on average every day.

So much for testing as the key to containing the virus.

You do realize that they are talking about Europe with a population of about 746 million and not the European Union with about 447 million people? In Europe and within the EU you will find different apporaches and policies in most countries. The daily life in France is different from the daily life in Portugal which again is different from the daily life in Finland and so on. Some places will do better and some will do worse. You rarely hear how many places outside the EU approach the pandemic though, so that is important to keep in mind. How often do you read an article on the policies in places like Monaco or Liechtenstein? Just adding them all together will also do injustice to some while it makes other look slightly better. Yes, that is probably also the case in the US where there will be differences among the states and their policies. Some places will do far better than the average while others will do far worse.

When you look at the figures from October 14th, the US had 52,517 new cases while the had EU 64,754. This translates to about 0.160 new cases per 1000 people in the US vs . 0.145/1000 in the EU. The four countries with the most new cases in the EU, the Czech Republic (8,326), France (12,993), the Netherlands (7,368) and Spain (7,118) made up 55.3% off all the cases while they only make up 31.6% of the population.

Going by the numbers mentioned in the article, they are probably working with the numbers from October 7th to 12th though. If you take other dates the numbers won't add up. The average per day would mean about 50,665.7 cases per day for the US (0.154/1000), 68,394.7 in the EU (0.153/1000) and 103,932.8 in Europe (0.139/1000). Why they only chose a period of 6 days I do not know. The time frame coincides with a rise in cases in Europe and the EU and stops before the 13th where both Europe and the EU saw a drop in cases. If you were to add either the 6th or the 13th for a whole week, all three (US, EU and Europe) would see a drop of the average. In the EU for example that would mean an average of 65,650.4(0.147/1000) in case of the 6th or 65,768.2(= 0.147/1000) if you add the 13th in comparison to the 68,394.7 cases from the 6-day time frame. The Czech Republic, France, the Netherlands and Spain together sat at 0.283/1000 daily cases in that 6-day timeframe and made up 58.5% of the cases in the EU. In the rest of the EU with about 306 million people there were 170,437 registered cases in the same time frame, which translates to 0.093/1000 cases per day. This shows how it is important to look at the single countries or states and not group them together. Just by excluding the four biggest offenders I made some of the other countries look far better that also have an average above 0.093/1000. If numbers in France go up we have to look at what France is doing and what is going wrong. The same goes obviously for every country. But it does not mean that other countries that have done well and kept the numbers down are suddenly doing worse just because they are part of Europe and the numbers in Europe are considerably rising.

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"We'll get through this if we stick together," he said.

Macron's choice of words, man.

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Better to stay apart...

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At the beginning two famous presidents, Trump and Macron, spoke into the TV cameras that we are at war now, against that virus. But especially in their countries nothing happened and the numbers are rising as if they had forgotten what they told to the world and their citizens. You gotta fight it, when it is a war, not sleep and ignore it for more than half a year.

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